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Durham, a city with one of the highest murder rates in the country, (EDIT: Actually, I live in Durham, and it does not have a very high murder rate, nor is it a particularly dangerous city to live in, so long as you don't want the streets downtown late at night alone. Common sense, people.) is home to Duke's Summer Studies campuses (East and West). (However, it should be noted that Memphis, a city from which TiP draws heavily (EDIT: I only know 3 TiPsters (all terms) in 2008 that lived in Memphis.), has a much higher murder rate than Durham, as the murder rate of Memphis is second in the nation only to that of Detroit.) Fourth-years on East Campus are permitted to travel to Ninth Street in sufficiently large groups (this is known as . In addition, Durham is home of the Durham Bulls, a minor-league baseball team. Bulls games are a regular event for TIPsters at East and West campus (sometimes coming together to the same game, as in 2003, Term II, and in 2011, Term I). The most notable Bulls player for East Term II 2004 TIPsters is . TIPsters yelled at Diaz (asking for balls or recognition) and mocked him. In 2005, he was traded to another team.

It should also be noted that one of the largest buildings in downtown Durham is the county prison.

Although, it should also be noted that what TiPsters are exposed to of Durham are not always the best parts of Durham. While many parts of Durham are extremely sketchy (especially downtown Durham(EDIT: recently, downtown Durham has improved greatly, largely due to the influx of Hipsters to the area, many of whom now describe Durham as "more Portland than Portland)) ,many other parts are quite nice. Locals know that there are two parts of Durham: the Durham you may hear about in the news with murders and gangs, and the safer areas of Durham. The most common area that TiPsters will notice is the path to the mall. A lot of low income housing and the like are located on your 5 minute walk to the mall. (East Campus)

Let it also be noted that at East Term I 2009, a combined trip between Luke and Amaresh's RAGs to go Laser Tagging ran into a detour, such that two of the three transport vans ended up in the ghetto, where the TIPsters saw many gangsta things, such as a drug bust. Thus, Laser Tag turned into Ghetto Adventure.

Let it also be noted that during East Term II 2009, a man attempted to purchase crack cocaine from a TIPster who happened to be roaming on his RAG night. The TIPster in question, Fat Tony Giovanni, apparently bore a striking resemblance to a dealer named "Travelle".