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was pretty much a cult, complete with a figure-X sign produced when the boys (a.k.a. ) crossed their forearms above their heads. They invariably made dinnertime a spectacle, giving toasts to whatever people/places/things/ideas/entities were on their minds (this often earned them The Look from Sam the OSC and other staff members, but to my knowledge Xiao's RAG was never specifically disciplined - for this or for any other activity). In fact, Xiao was not even disciplined for deserting his blackjack table at Casino Day. Xiao threw up his cards in anguish, and told some random kid named Duke to deal the table.

Catch phrases

One thing that set apart Xiao's rag from the other inferior rags was the fact that he had many catch phrases such as "Eyes on the prize" and "Gotta have heart." But the best catch phrase made up by his rag members was " Xiao equals God."

Xiao and his followers took in a few , mostly girls I think, who were actually included in their termbook picture. Though I never became a full-fledged honorary member, I did attend one of the RAG's meetings with Emily Greenwood and Melanie Ouellette... and it was one of my most hilarious experiences at TIP:

Xiao: "Okay, you girls might want to leave now, or put on earmuffs."

Us: "Why?"

Xiao: "Trust me. I don't think you want to hear this."

Xiaoist #1: "No, really. You don't want to hear this."

Us: "Sure we do. It can't be that bad."

Xiaoist #2: "Seriously, you girls will probably not like this."

Us: "Psh. We're staying."

Xiao: "Fine, whatever. Okay. My guys, listen up. ...Shut up, Malcolm. Shut the fuck up, Malcolm! ...Anyway, so, we have a little problem here on our hall that we need to talk about. It starts with an 'm' and it ends with an 'asturbation'...."

(Apparently, Xiao had walked in on some kid jacking off(or some kid walked in on Xiao), and this meeting was called in order to implement a new "" policy to avoid such situations.)

Me: Why don't you just do it at night when you're 's asleep?

(Nobody answered me. I was a little taken aback that they didn't see the simple solution that I did. They were a little taken aback, too, I think, hearing a girl talk about as if - God forbid - she did it too....)


Though Xiao and his cult might have been a nuisance to some (perhaps the kid who Xiao reportedly called an "asshole"), and though certain religious-minded people might have found it offensive that he was dubbed "God" at some point... Xiao's RAG is exemplary in that they were more unified than most RAGs ever have been or will be in the history of TIP. They were beautiful to watch.

Superrage involvement

One key bit about Xiao is that he never was, nor was ever invited to be, a member of the 2006 Term 2 Superrag. He was, in fact, Superrag's Public Enemy #1, and was thwarted by Superrag on many occassions.

Carrie's Rag

Xiao would often come downstairs at night to Carrie's RAG and tell them all about his love life in a very detailed manner. He described all the girls who would "rip out his heart and piss in his soul."

Fun Fact!!

Term 2 of 2006 Xiao was bitten by for threatening to throw her in a trash can Also!! Xiao was the official "RAG Pet" of Kavita's RAG Term 2 of 2006.

Xiao's "Fantastic" RAG

  • Alex- Tarzan
  • Allen- famously bad
  • Anderson The Slacker
  • Andrew- "The "
  • Dan- The Man
  • Elliott- got a Milkshake
  • Jeffrey The Cynical
  • Malcolm
  • Max
  • Michael
  • Noel- pronounced 'Knoll' like a "rocky knoll", not 'Noel'Its not French Christmas
  • Robert- went all out on Cross Dress Day
  • Ryan The General
  • Spanky- rarely considered a regular member of the RAG/would now prefer to be called Will as it is his real name and Spanky is demeaning.

Official Honorary Members

  • Laura McFadden
  • Julie Hoang
  • Emma Johnson
  • Kelsey Hunter
  • Nicole Reardon
  • Dante
  • Spanky(He was demoted. Some might ask why. Well he was demoted due to the fact he was Spanky. There was no other reason.)Note:he was later reinstated due to the fact that they couldn't put one of the honorary members in his place, as they were basically all girls. Later he was kicked out again.