God's Eye View

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God's Eye View was a play written by Anna Windsor as her final project for The Pen as a Weapon. It was presented along with her classmates' plays on the last Thursday, and received positive reception. It was inspired by both "The Truman Show" and Anna's own often concerning fangirling tendencies.



The play opens with Keanu Reeves asleep on his couch as Summer, a bubbly television host, tiptoes in. Keanu awakens to find that out of a lottery of 2019's top trending superstars, he has been chosen to be constantly followed around by Summer and her camera crew as part of America's newest reality TV sensation, God's Eye View. This way, his fans will ALWAYS know what he's up to.

Summer asks him many irritating questions from the audience, until Keanu hides in the bathroom to consult his conscience. After summoning his courage to face the horde once more, Summer nearly poisons him with product placement(Spazzy B's! We think it's FDA approved], after which Keanu once more takes refuge - but this time, his conscience has deserted him. Chillingly, Summer reminds him that he could be blacklisted if he tries to back out of God's Eye View, and drags him off for more Q&A.

Keanu's conscience reappears, and reminds him that loss of privacy is the fate of every superstar. She advises him to use the next instance of product placement, a powerful sleeping pill, to place him into a medically induced coma, in the hopes that this will outrage the public to the point of causing God's Eye View's cancellation. As Keanu collapses, his conscience reminds him that though this could once more allow him the privacy inside his own home, the public eye will never truly close on him.