Izzy Leonard

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1st Year: Davidson Term 2 2015

Izzy attended Davidson Term 2 in 2015, taking All The World's A Stage: Shakespeare in Performance. Her RC was Erica, the female RHL. She was in a relationTIP with Jack K. with the ship name being jizzy(completely TIPropriate, this was first year). Some of her other close friends from first year include Carolina Mangru, Summer Meade, Elizabeth, and Emily.

2nd Year: Duke East Term 2 2016

Izzy came to Duke East and took Big Screen, Little Screen. Her class created a family, with the mom being Summer and the dad being Quinn Cooper(2017 owner of the Sex on Legs Hat). Everybody in the class was related somehow through those 2. Izzy introduced her instructor Michael to Harry Styles and he fell in love. Her RC was Liz, another female RHL. She didn't have a relationTIP this year, but that's okay. Carolina also came back to East with her, along with Scott and Julia who she became closer with. She made another new and close friend, Honor who would also be in her class the next year.

3rd Year: Duke East Term 2 2017

This year, Izzy came to East with new plans: to make a film. Every day, she carried around a camera for photography and recording videos, interviewing tradition holders and their views of TIP, capturing iconic moments, and making sure nobody would forget this year. This also went along with the course she took, Celluloid Visions: A Critical Study of Film. There, she reunited with many of her second year classmates, as both classes were film related. Her RC was Tearra, or T for short. Basically she was everybody's favorite female RC, definitely the most relaxed. She made many new friends in her RAG or strengthened friendships from the past, such as Christina, Kate, Lucy, Angie, and Sydney. Most of her days were spent hanging out with OG Squad, limited to Kate Adkins, Backflip Colin, Matt Mohn, Elizabeth Stern, Vineyard Bryant, Christina Sigler, Mckenzie Mchugh, Jules Villani, Mira Thakur, Ava Booker, Casey Epstein-Gross, Dylan Philbeck(who is officially her husband, not related to the second yeard family though), Gabe Deng, Ayush Krishnamoorti, Michael Bell, Samuel Bender-Prouty, Margaret Kirchner, and Jack Trahan. Many 4-5 free times were spent in cuddle puddles in the Alspaugh break room which had basically been claimed by the third years at this point.