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Jesus, appointed by God, is a part of a wonderful tradition at Duke East of the appointment of God, Mary, Jesus, and their apostles.

In 2005, Jesus was our wonderful and beautiful Alexis, aka Phred. A beautiful dancer, and awesome poet. She is also a great representative for God in any game of Mafia (considering that she was a fabulous member of the Pink Flamingo Branch of the Phrench Mafia)

The story of of Jesus came to be: During one of our many games of Mafia at Davidson, GOD was sitting on Pamwise's trunk as it was her GODly right to do so during the duration of the game. Alexis came in and joined the game but there was nowhere for her to sit, so she sat down on the trunk as well. GOD proclaimed "If you're gonna sit on GOD's throne, you might as well be Jesus!" And so the name has been passed on for many years...

Edit// In 2005 at East, Jesus(Alexis) Began to dub apostles and saints. If you have any information about the saints, please add it below:

  • Alexis Chaney - Jesus H. Christ
  • Devin Alford - The Head of John the Baptist
  • Maddie Scott - Arch Angel
  • Thomas Abott - Patron Saint of Relatively Good Looking People
  • Victoria "Sass" - Patron Saint of Belly Dancing
  • Sara Broussard - Patron Saint of Smitten Maids and Smite-ing in General (also of Bad Tattoos)
  • Cally! Womick - Patron Saint of all things Jamaican

Edit: Wasn't the title of Head of John the Baptist passed down to AC/DC?