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This is the page dedicated to all of Jordan's boys in his RAGs throughout the years. If you can contribute to this page, whether its adding members, or correcting spelling, please help out!

Term 2, 2013

Members of the Thresholder's RAG in Term II, 2013, include Alan, Tristan, Parker, Jack, Chris, Gabe Mintzer, Ryan, Andrew, Clay, Gabe Blanco, Jameson, and Nick. Superlatives (as recorded on the term-shirt) were as follows:

Alan - Most likely to dunk staff

Tristan - Most likely to become a professional Frisbee player

Parker - Most likely to be insanely Fabulous

Jack - Most Manly Man in Mandom

Chris - Most likely to not have his superlative

Mintzer - Most likely to major in Math

Ryan - Most likely to diagnose sunburns

Andrew - Most likely to be the next Matt Lauer

Clay - Most likely to be late to a RAG meeting 3 nights in a row

Blanco - Most likely to read an entire library

Jameson - Most likely to be missing

Nick - Most likely to never show emotion

Term 2, 2014

Members of this RAG are quite possibly the coolest kids on campus. Also, Jordan himself considered this rag his most interesting. The official vice-Jordan was Carl Wolff, who was self-elected.

Many member of this RAG were members of The Hard D-fense, an Ultimate Frisbee team.

  • Carl
  • Jesse
  • Alex
  • Andrew
  • Brandon
  • Nathan
  • Greg
  • John
  • Addison
  • Jason
  • Allyn