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[[File:Media:Example.jpgInsert non-'''Bold text'''formatted text here]]The Hard D-fense (also known as The Hard D's) are an Ultimate Frisbee team created at Duke East Term II 2014.


Originally the "Kobi Kult", the Hard D-fense formed during the first week of Term II 2014 at Duke East, mostly made up of members of Jordan's RAG.

The main cheer of the Hard D-fense, Give them the D-fense, came from an unlikely source: RC Jordan.


Game Number 2014 2015
Game 1 8-2 Loss v. Socialists TBD
Game 2 7-4 Loss v. Lazerdragons TBD

2014 Season

The debut of the Hard D-fense was played against the Socialists, and result was a disappointing 8-2 loss.

The second and final game of the 2014 season against the Lazerdragons gave the Hard D-fense their first ever lead (1-0). Although the D's played their most promising game yet, it ended in a loss as well, this time 7-4.

2015 Season

Some speculate the Hard D-fense will return next year as the Harder D-fense.

Inaugural Roster

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