Nathaniel Mann

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Nathaniel Mann is guy from Dallas Texas who attended TiP as second year at Trinity University during the summer of 2013. He attended Creative writing, which was taught by Malachi Black that year. The next summer he moved to Duke East, where he took Words that Matter. He is known as a bro within Naji's nine (aka Naji's RAG ) Nathaniel is a University of Texas fan.

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Teacher/TA Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2013 Second Year (First Year) Trinity University I Creative Writing Malachi Black Breanne Sean Facey
2014 Third year (Second Year) Duke East II Words That Matter Abby and John (lil' tasty) Alspaugh Naji Henry

Trinity 2013

Nathaniel attended Creative Writing during 2013. He was in a RelationTIP with Madeline who was also in his class. He was know for dressing in a very unique way.

Duke East 2014 Term 2

Nathaniel, being from Texas was a Republican and a Libertarian which lead to many headed debates in Words that Matter. Luckily he had Christian and Jack to back him up. (3 open Republicans in one class!!!)