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Nicks attitude
Nick + Bae

Nicholas (Nick) aFancy Rodriguez was the TA at Duke East for "Computer Skills for Today's Scientists and Engineers" during Term I 2015 and for "Information Security: From Turing to Snowden" during Term II, which was when he broke down and was forced to show his true attitude: "salty."

Nick as a TA

Year Term Campus Course
2014 1st UGA Team Programming for Videogames
2014 2nd Georgia Tech Criminal Minds
2015 1st Duke East Computer Skills for Today's Scientists and Engineers
2015 2nd Duke East Information Security: From Turing to Snowden

Facts about Nick

  • Nick attends the University of Miami and is majoring in Computer Science and Sociology
  • Nick was a TA for Criminal Minds at Georgia Tech 2014. He sweats motor oil.
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  • He loves Nettie
  • Nick loves Taylor Swift. He wishes "Love Story" was about him
  • Nick also has long eyelashes
  • Nick is salty 99.99% of the time
  • Nick puts peanut butter in student's bags
  • Nick tried to recruit the whole InfoSec class to UM.
  • Nick, Emily, and Lydia all have the same identity