Olivia "Livy" Colomb

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Time As A TiPster

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2008 2nd Texas A&M 2nd Intro to Vet Med Dorm RC Rachel
2009 3rd UGA 2nd Genetics Rutherford, basement Denisse roommate left early
2010 4th UGA 2nd Zombies and Vampires Myers, 2nd floor Julie Connor

As A TIPster

In Livy's fourth year, Cheyanne and Erin gave her the nickname Smeagle on the first day, after mispronouncing her last name. Considering there were five Olivias at UGA that year, the nickname stuck.

At UGA, on her fourth year, Livy began the Group Shower tradition with Cheyanne Wescott and Erin Sole. This consists of wearing bathing suits and showering in the third floor handicapped shower with other people.


As a TIPster, Livy's hair progressed from shoulder-length natural brown hair to a kind of bob, still naturally brown. As an RC, however, Livy's hair has been much more fun and awesome. Let's just make a list, shall we?

  • 2014 - term one: buzzed on the sides, slightly longer up top, left half natural, right half bleached blonde
  • 2014 - term two: same style and basic length, sides and back natural, top blue

RC Years

In December of 2012, Livy applied as an RC and was put on the waiting list to be an RC. A year later, she did the same, and was made an RC in the Georgia Tech Campus.

For Term I, Livy had second year girls on the second floor of Armstrong. The RC group invented the black drink named Death. This was made by mixing all of the purple drinks in the vending machine.

In Term II, she had second floor Armstrong and third floor Armstrong third year girls. As a result of being split over two floors, most of the time the second floor girls didn't see the third floor girls, except for meal times and when they were specifically searching for them. Her RC group consisted of Raegan Foster, Averi Garcia, Meg Brown, Rachel Rezabek, Lucy Rhymes, Emma Lynch, Jessica Yen, Clarissa Mullig, Miranda Grayzel-Ward, Mattingly Bartole, Claire Hefner, Manuela Martinez, and Camila Basora. Upon arriving, we saw a note on every door, saying "Hi! Welcome to TIP! Meet outside my door (201) for dinner at 4:50. Have fun and make friends. -Livy" The 201 was confused for a "ZOI" by one TiPster (Manuela) until the very last week. On the second Wednesday, we all woke up to find a note under our door. This said, "Hey, I'm really sorry, but due to complications, another group needed the cars tonight more than we did. We'll go to Atlantic Station next week. Tonight, we can hang out and order pizza and watch a movie." It was discovered that this last-minute change was made because one of the guy rags had a member who was leaving to India (Amit), and that would be their last rag night with him. The third week, as promised, we went to Atlantic Station where the girls pretty much either went shopping for clothing or went to the candy store. Or both. One group took Elizabeth Anderson, the Writing With Power TA and got clothing for the last dance, which was held the next day. The other (smaller) group took Livy and Zack (I think), one of the other TAs, and went to the candy shop, where Manuela bought a 48-pack of Fun Dip on the excuse that where she comes from, it's too expensive (Venezuela). Afterwards, they went to look at shoes before their night was over too soon. On the last night, we were sitting in the lounge, when we decided to ask for some of Livy's 48oz pack of M&M's. Livy responded that if we could find the tradition she started that got banned on this wiki, we could get some M&M's. This was how we discovered that she had started the Group Shower tradition.