Prank Lord Chris Magett

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Who is the real Chris Magett? Not only does this man have a TIP birthday, he is the Ultimate Prankster of Trinity University 2016. This 30 year old Student Health Coordinator came to TIP not knowing what was to come. By the time he was thirty-one, he was ready. Ready to prank. The ancient prophets have foreseen that Chris will ultimately prank every RC he can get his hands on. Only time will tell what comes next.

The Pranks

First, he targeted Vanshika, who suspected nothing until her Vancheeto Puffs crawled out of the bathroom to serenade her with "Sweatshirt." Just when she thought it was over and returned to the lobby, she turned to discover they were following her, this time singing "What Makes You Beautiful."

Next, Emma's RC group stole her soul in a way reminiscent of the exorcism from her own time at time. This time, however there were no actual condiments involved, only the chanting of esiannoyam, which is mayonnaise spelled backwards.

On the last Friday of first term, Sam was in for a surprise. After finding out that she hates movies with unnecessary sequels, a movie poster of "Finding Marlin" was taped to her room door. Also to her surprise, she was given a folder with even more terrible movie plots that don't need to exist.

Also on the last Friday of first term, Aisha suffered his wrath. She was stunned to discover that her RC group had prepared a Pokemon battle. The boys acted as Pokemon while she made her moves. Alas, she could not best our lovely office assistant Cameron, who went home with the nonexistent prize and endless bragging rights.