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RC Taylor's Dabbing Dudebros consisted of 13 amazing, respectable, honest, good, 4th-year girls. Each of these girls made up RC Taylor's group in Term 1 2017 at Georgia Tech. Listed in alphabetical order below are RC Taylor's lovely 4th years with (hopefully) a small bit of info about them.


termbook superlative: most likely to kick all our butts and then go take a nap


Official coiner of the term "good, honest, respectable fourth-year boys". Origin of the phrase is from an impassioned debate on Amanda's attempts to, as the Dabbing Dudebros put it, shoot her shot. She loudly declared, surrounded by her dudebros, "Y'all are pulling good, honest, respectable 4th-year boys and I'm trying to pull a 3rd-year vape god who leaves me on seen!". Ever since that moment, any worthy suitor of the lovely Dudebros was declared "good, honest, and respectable".

Iconic moments

Amanda's laugh

Amanda's laugh is one of the loudest sounds ever produced within the walls of the Georgia Tech campus. Legends say that anyone within 10 miles of Amanda, while she's laughing, will either burst into laughter or tears. Amanda's voluptuous vocal cords have brought so much joy and laughter into my life, and I feel so honored to call her one of my dearest friends.

The Crispest High Five

The morning after Nelson asked Amanda to TiPProm, he ran up to her table and raised his hand for a Crisp High Five. She raised her hand as well, and the high five that resulted literally resounded around the cafeteria. TIPsters within a 10-foot radius immediately turned around in shock at the sound wave. Amanda's hand hurt and was bright red for 15 minutes afterward.

Mood, Shmood

A large part of Amanda's vernacular was saying "mood" or, alternatively, "shmood" to anything vaguely relatable to the truly absurd. These moods/shmoods were also denoted by size — ranging from big to colossal (colossal was introduced by John Prieschl, Amanda's "son").

In order, the strengths of moods/shmoods are:

• mood

• big mood

• large mood

• enormous mood

• colossal mood

• shmood (a shmood is a mood squared)

• big shmood

• large shmood

• enormous shmood

• colossal shmood

A colossal shmood holds the most power and must be used sparingly.

MC Big Mood

Accompanied by MC Yaddy (aka Caleb, wearing a yellow hat), Amanda MC'd the TiP Talent Show. Wearing her glasses, an entirely gray outfit, and equipped with an extraordinarily loud voice, she managed to (mostly) hold all of TiP's attention for the duration of the talent show. The highlight of the night was during a Q&A session where Keertana requested that Amanda did 10 Burpees, on stage. To those that are not aware, Amanda HATES Burpees, despite recommending doing them for a sports medicine exercise for her Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics class. When requested to do this exercise, her initial response was a hearty NO, until MC Yaddy gave her a meaningful look, stepped back and gestured for her to take the stage and actually do it. In an event that took most likely 1 minute, Amanda completed 10 burpees while being counted off by all of TiP. She also explained the origin story of the request while doing them.

MC Big Mood's original name was going to be MC Scream n' Slurp, but she didn't wanna be yelled at by the RC's so MC Big Mood was donned instead.


Man-Spreading (as done by Amanda) started right before the TiPsync performance of Baby. In dudebro makeup and a backward hat, Amanda's levels of faux testosterone skyrocketed as her voice and legs plummeted to the ground. The Proper Man-Spread technique is legs spread as humanly apart as possible (still capable of walking), hands in triangle formation over the crotch, and a very loud "AW YEAH BRO". The first RC's to witness the man-spread were RC Taylor herself, Gaston, and Ray. Gaston, in disbelief at first, rebuffed this new Man-Spread. Within a day or two, him and Amanda reportedly Man-Spread at each other to establish a good camaraderie.

Notable Stories

  • the nose story

This story, although not safe for work, is necessary to see and hear at the same time. Facetime Amanda if you want to hear this legendary tale.

  • spicy Soviet readings story

This story is about one of Amanda's ex's who spoke Russian. She'd frequently ask him to speak in Russian to her. After a certain point, he ran out of random sentences to say to her and pulled up copies of Stalin's speeches. He'd read them to her and she'd listen, and the reaction that she told the Dabbing Dudebros about (along with one of Amanda's first copies) was, "Oh my God, I'm soooooo creamy!" while fanning her face. These spicy Soviet readings have given Amanda a firm appreciation of the Russian language. She also knows exactly 3 words/phrases in Russian because of Spicy Soviet Readings Boy.

The Epic Of Nelson

Mayhaps one of the steamiest, and almost definitely the most shortlived, relationTIP's, Nelson and Amanda's flourished over the span of 3 days. The morning of June 28th, Nelson asked Amanda to be his date to TIPProm. Guided by the gorgeous and wise Emma, he took out a glistening red fidget spinner and asked her, "Amanda, will you be my fidget winner at TiPProm?" (side note: that's my frickin joke and im mad because i just used it to bother my friends but nelson was PULLIN). Amanda immediately said yes and hugged him, then kissed him on the cheek. This cheek kiss is crucial. Later that day, Nelson's first DM to Amanda informed her that that was his first kiss.

They continued to message each other throughout the day, then before lights out Amanda asked if she could see him and say goodnight before they had to go to bed. She takes 10 minutes to find the right stairwell after Nelson says he's in the NorthEast stairwell and Amanda didn't realize that the frickin signs have the direction on them so she whips out her phone's compass to find NorthEast. Nonetheless, at 10:20 they meet in the NorthEast stairwell. They talk and Amanda notices that Nelson continually glances at her lips. As someone who had been in this sorta rodeo a few times, she immediately knew what this meant. However, she kept her cool by aimlessly swiping left and right on Snapchat on her phone because jeez this stairwell sure is hot and hoo boy was she nervous. At 10:24, Nelson leans in and kisses Amanda. They both pull away, stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds, then kiss again. They part ways after kissing for a hot minute (no pun intended but that stairwell was HOT and also smelled like a rubber tire).

The next day is the long awaited, the renowned TiPPRom. Amanda and Nelson slow danced. Nelson whipped at the beginning of the first slow dance. The night went on. After crying during American Pie, when everyone had to sit down to listen to some announcements, Nelson gently patted Amanda's head and kept a firm arm around her shoulder.

The next day was the talent show. Amanda answered many questions, including Nelson's "who's your favorite side character on iCarly?". She responded with Spencer, obviously, until being informed that he is a main character and not a side character. She then chose Gibby. She then informed Nelson that Gibby's actor is currently a SoundCloud rapper. Nelson cried out in dismay that his SoundCloud (NelzonsRaps) would now have such great competition. (side note: Amanda just googled NelzonsRaps to make sure that was the right username and is now listening to the Israeli-Palestinian Rap and smiling a lot because she misses Nelson.) Later that night, after the great IHOP escapade of 2017, Amanda and her RAG bumped until 4 am. at 4:30 she met up with a few RAG members in the 4th-floor lounge. Nelson asked if he could spend some time with her in the little room in front of the NorthEast stairwell. She said she'd love to and they spent an hour together in the room. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but I do (some kissing, Amanda looking at Nelson's face a lot and holding his hand and seeing how big it was compared to hers and then crying a lot. Lots of crying and kissing). At 5:30, Amanda returned to the lounge and spent an hour with a few of her RC mates (Sarah, Lauren, and Cynthia) and Bobert was there too. At 6:30 Amanda returned to her room, crawled into bed like the decrepit fourth year she is, and slept until 7:45.

The last morning of TIP, Nelson and Amanda messaged each other quietly. Amanda's last sighting of Nelson was around noonish when he checked out. She gave him a hug and kissed his cheek and said: "text me". Those were their last words shared.


Termbook Superlative: Most likely to go on a drama binge.





Termbook superlative: most likely to get a negative score in PB toss

Class superlative: most likely to have something important to say in the middle of Zach and Kegan

2017: Jordan is a 3rd year 4th-year. She went to Duke West her first 2 years but ended her journey at Georgia Tech. She took Abnormal Psych, Anatomy, and Social Psych as her classes. She was roommates with Cynthia, Jessica, and Sarah, who were all very gracious to Jordan's 2 am FaceTime calls. Jordan can be recognized as the reviver of the great "Copy-Paste" game and the creator of the Double Whip Dab™. She is also notable for her fanning and kiss blowing to fellow partner-in-crime, Amanda. She had the genius idea of taking ice cream from the machine and combining it with root beer from the coke machine. She and Amanda survived the scary adventure to Publix, sprinting back to Towers with 2 minutes to spare. Her resemblance to RC Taylor is shocking, being mistaken for her numerous times. She was one of the two girls on the 4th year boys' frisbee team, failing miserably. She loves dancing like a white suburban mom. She ate the least amount of waffles during the contest (a whopping 1/2 of a waffle). Her high score on PB toss is 62. Her favorite catchphrase was, "Begone Thot", usually said toward her "good, honest, respectable 4th-year boy," who was sweet enough to make the scary journey to Publix and buy her really good chocolate and gorgeous roses.

2016: Jordan was best friends with Milan, Elizabeth, Mahima, Tammy. In her class, she was close with Ruhee, Evan, and Rachel. She showed off her superior card skills in Tonk with Darian, Daniel, Woody, Ishan, and TA Jasmine. The big joke on campus was the "nut meme" (I.e. "I'm gonna rage nut!"). In this year, 4th year Caroline blessed Jordan with The Jesus Fan, discovered on the way to Anatomy class. Jordan passed it on to 2nd Year Sarah. Jordan finally mastered the Hip Switch. Elizabeth, Jordan's awesome and kind roommate, would endure Jordan's rants about a certain red-haired boy who stole Jordan's dryer on laundry day. The RC group dedicated their TIP sync performance to [Wilson Hobbs][1], doing his own original song. On the last night, RC Laken's group had a legendary sleepover, which included very funny photos of those surprised by the camera flash. Jordan's favorite moment with Tammy, the pull goddess, was when Tammy made Jordan laugh so hard at dinner that she spit out an entire mouth full of water across the whole table. Ishan asked Jordan to the last dance with sign that included many anatomy-related puns. Her favorite memory with him was when she heard he was hosting a party, she found 25 kids packed into his dark room playing water pong and screaming "Hey, it's Jordan!!"

2015: Jordan was very close with Winnie (who was unfortunately nicknamed Weenie), Alex, Ashley, Lucas (LuLu), Andy, Missy, Annie, and Ab Squat buddy Meenal. Her RC group, Yoshi Vibes, placed in TIPsync, with their stunning mashup performance of Push It, Jenny from the Block, and Single Ladies. Blue team also won QuadFest that year. Her Abnormal psychology class was very fun and would play Mafia at almost every break time. Quinlin created his infamous "Jail" and would threaten anyone who crossed him with a special spot in his paper prison. He sent messages made out of salt on his food tray to the dining staff. The big game on campus was Jungle Speed, with many jokes being made about "grabbing the tongle." Jordan learned many card games, including President and Spoons. LuLu asked her to the dance through a beautiful note and through a performance of him singing "Iris". [Tim's Rag][2] (look it up on TIP wiki, it's a true work of art) was the most popular RAG on campus, to the point where the 2nd dance was dedicated solely to them.

Jordan's 4th Year Speech: I want to thank Duke TIP for changing my life. I'm sad that I have to leave the place I've called home for the past 3 years, but I'm glad to know that I've acquired great life skills and amazing memories. I've been blessed with life-long friends and a love for knowledge. Thank you all for showing me that there are good, honest, respectable people in the world, and thank you for accepting me for who I am. I send all my intelligence to my classes of social psych, anatomy, and ab psych. I send all my hope to the upcoming 4th years. Cherish every moment. I send all my happiness to the campuses and traditions. And, finally, I send all my love to my friends and RAGmates. Thank you.

Lauren B.

termbook superlative: most likely to run into something

class superlative: most likely to fall off her chair



Term-book Superlative: Most likely to accidentally create a poisonous concoction

Class Superlative: Most likely to finger-gun at you to become friends

Roommate of Amanda and frequently described as impulsive or having a severe lack of moderation in any and all activities. Very physically affectionate and hugged anyone she could including, on odd occasions, complete strangers. She would, on occasion, wander the halls at night to see if she would get caught by a patrolling RC. She never was.


termbook superlative: most likely to watch Bob(ert) the builder

Roommate of Jessica, quad-mate of Jordan and Cynthia, Sarah formed some close bonds during her first and last year at Tip. She was described as kind as well as secretly savage.


Bobert played a key part in Sarah's role at Tip, so it is essential that he be included here. It could be said that their relationship began at the first dance, and it grew through nightly snapchat conversations, suffering together through morning runs, some shared free time experiences, and a few shared meals.

Ship names include Bobarah and Sahbert.

The Beginning

Sarah first noticed this seemingly good, honest, respectable fourth year boy on one of the fourth years' first trips to Barnes and Noble. They were standing somewhat close by, waiting for people to check out. He stated, "I don't really know any of your names. What's yours? I'm Robert". From this moment, Sarah never forgot. Although Robert did forget her name. When they met in the lounge a few days later for some card-playing, Robert had to ask her name again. She played it cool however, not letting her hope be ruined. She responded, "You're Robert, right?", and all was good.

At the dance, they found themselves eyeing each other from across the then-separate groups of fourth year guys and girls. As the dance progressed, they got gradually closer. As the tradition songs came on, first year Sarah had no idea what to do. Luckily, Robert was there to guide her along and make her feel included and happy. They ran next to each other for "It's The End Of The World", and they were again together during "American Pie". For all following dances, Robert was directly to Sarah's left, and she was to his left. This song might have been the best bonding one, through the sweat and comforting hugs (one could argue that this was the first time he put his arm around her). Afterwards, he asked for her snap. This led to some interesting thoughts due to the dm occurrences in the previous days. However, all turned out great after some consulting on how to respond to his initial "Hey".

Name Origin

On the first night of snapchatting after the dance, the groupchat was alive and thriving. If one can recall correctly, the separate (formerly called something else) was formed for the main purpose of dude drama. Eventually, all of the same people were added as were in the way less lit "We love bananas". As various discussions occurred, the name Robert was mentioned. Emma had an iconic idea for a better name- Bobert. Variations ensued, including, but not limited to: Boobert (an Amanda favorite), Bob, Bobby. The name Bobert was said so often that the guys and eventually other members of the camp adopted its use.

Purity Points

Note: this section does not include a very memorable incident (see )

On about the fourth day of chatting, purity scores were brought up. Let's just say that Bobert's and Sarah's scores were quite different, and groupchats on both sides were definitely informed.

Later on, polls ensued.

Dance proposals

The Sarahnade
The TipPromposal

Remembered for

  • Bobert
  • occasionally sharing an umbrella (although this sharing was far below the level of good, gracious Cynthia with her great umbrella to top all umbrellas)
  • willing to run to scout out rooms during TIPial Pursuit (commonly partnered with Yunah)
  • creating a beautiful and colorfully accurate adaptation of the Mona Lisa in the evening activity Painting Without Brushes
  • being one of the 2 girls on the Damaris' Lads(?) frisbee team (along with Jordan)
  • being one of the cutest, sweetest, and most amazing people ever
  • eating 2 whole waffles (1 more than most girls ate) at the Sunday morning waffle eating "contest"


termbook superlative: most quotable dank memeologist

Remembered for:

  • her incredible meme skills
  • funniest and most intippropriate contributions to the group chat
  • wearing pajamas to first dance (described on Cynthia's snapchat as a mood)
  • banana half-frozen in cup of water
  • research on banana mold discovered in said banana
  • her "no" button, and eventually her "wtf" button (only revealed at the end of the term)
  • iconic dancing
  • kazoo playing (see more below)
  • breaking her phone and not being able to participate in the snapchat group chats for the remaining few days of Tip

Tanvi's Kazoo Playing

The first known siting of this magical instrument was at the first dance when Tanvi surprised everyone with an amazing accompaniment to the song "My Heart Will Go On". Another notable kazoo instance was her feature in the group's TipSync performance of JB's "Baby". Although Tanvi's kazoo playing could cover a wide range of music, perhaps her best song was the Wii theme. That exact song served as her completely original fourth year speech.


A Comprehensive List of 'Paste's

  • Aleah
  • Amanda
  • Cynthia
    • "slide into his pickle" (on the topic of dill pickle late at night)
  • Emily
  • Emma
    • "creamy dill pickle"
    • "ohh he's really veiny"
    • "mmmm she thiccc" (unfiltered reaction to seeing the godly slices of pizza one day at dinner)
    • "oh yes thiccc and creamy...just the way I like it!" (about some righteous ice cream)
    • "IT'S SO THICCC AND BEAUTIFUL" (also about ice cream)
    • "I'm gonna get some hearty arties tonight!!" (artichoke hearts)
    • "i can't decide what's more attractive: his hair or his mile time" (this one is obvious)
    • "he sees me at my sweatiest every single day" (there's context I swear)
      • actually said a lot of stuff about the person™ haha rip
      • one time i talked about a certain beautiful boi for like a solid five minutes and then some lil headass decided to copy it and this was like the day he started saying 'hi' to me so I obviously had to change my copy as soon as humanly possible
    • "hey girl did you establish an Islamic state in Raqqa in 2014? Because you seem like a Baghdadi to me!"
    • "daddy vladdy makes me wanna SCREAM" (vladimir putin)(the best part is that this was said during class)
    • "skin scratching is a major turn on" (@amanda and @lauren can explain this one)
    • "do you know what's a major turn on? organic carrots. like specifically the organic kind" (no context can justify this one)
    • "i bet i can fit this all in my mouth at once" (spinach)
    • "oH YES I FIT ALL OF IT IN MY MOUTH AT ONCE" (spinach pt 2)
  • Jessica
  • Jordan
    • "We must purge everyone"
    • "I'm a real girl gamer...I play PB toss!"
    • "I'm not hiding in here to get the succ! I'm here to urinate!"
    • "I appreciate that nut."
  • Lauren
  • Lydia
  • Nel
    • "Always practice your kinks safely"
    • "The testosterone that just passed through the hallway is making my eyes burn"
  • Sarah
    • "That's the worst part about eating leaves." (stems of spinach in the salad)
    • "I have a sense."
    • "They're so desperate to get in to (commonly heard as "into") the girls!" (said during amnesty night on few hours of sleep, in response to someone's query as to why the guys were trying to get in to the lounge)
  • Tanvi
    • "I don't like Tim Progress. He has a weird texture. I prefer my guys with squishy bits"
  • Yunah

Notable Events

Groupchat establishments

There may have been about 5 various groupchats for these great girls. They covered the span of GroupMe and Snapchat. Both of these platforms were essential in accurately conveying emotions, angst, and overall camaraderie. Groupme allowed the dabbing dudebros to demonstrate their dying love for liberal democracy by creating and partaking in various polls.

These groupchats were (and still remain) an essential form of communication, meme-sharing, poll-asking, and memory-making.

TIPial pursuit

This group was consistently unlucky in finding available rooms. Once they were in a room (of pretty much any topic besides J Cole), they could gather up a decent number of points. They might've placed 6th or 7th of 13.

Waffle eating "contest"

Did or did not take place on the first Sunday morning. The initial plan was for all of the fourth years to go to Waffle House during free time, but that was not possible due to the number of sketchy individuals in the area because of the soccer game. An alternate plan was then devised. The willing fourth years would go to the earliest breakfast possible to make and consume as many waffles possible.The girls began, and things were going pretty well. By the end of breakfast, most had consumed approximately 1 waffle. The guys who had come a bit later had devised some interesting strategies. Their top eater Luscious (who claimed he could eat 5 or 7(?) on a good day) had people make his waffles for him. Eventually, they ran out of batter, and some ugly, half-ish waffles were made. The guys fairly counted these according to their size (half, three-quarter, etc.). No winner was clearly announced, and this contest did not resume the following Sunday.

Waffle eating "contest" part 2

Waffle eating "contest" part 2.5

Bobert arm incident

Although this was a bigger deal amongst the guys (they even made a button of it), the dabbing dudebros still made plenty of memes about it.

A lesser known fact: Bobert did put his arm around Sarah on Sunday morning (before the incident) while watching Spongebob.

The incident: On the second Sunday during 4-5 free time, many fourth years gathered in the fourth floor lounge. The movie The Hunger Games was playing, and Sarah and Bobert were enjoying it together on the couch. The others, however, were paying no attention to the movie. They were completely engrossed in a single limb which was repeatedly snapchatted and memed.

The IHOP incident

At the crisp hour of midnight, the 4th years arrived at IHOP. While the majority of the 4th years were sitting at the long table, resembling the one from the painting of the Last Supper, Amanda, Nel, Aleah, Tanvi, Lauren, and Jordan were seated at a separate table. This simple action caused them to receive the gift of Ricky the Waiter. Poor Ricky was very tired and overworked, to the point where he introduced himself 5 times. He was a dedicated, passionate, kind hearted person, but a bad waiter. He received over a 30 dollar tip anyway. Iconic Ricky moments:

    • forgetting Amanda's diet coke 3 times (it was received 30 minutes later)
    • being a true hero and working long shifts
    • playing a "group-bonding" game by going around and telling him one's name (Aleah catfished him and told him that her name was Megan)
    • the fear of going to the bathroom because it was sketchy and the possibility that Ricky might be there while Whitney Houston was playing in the background when you walk out of the stall
    • claiming that the other table "just got their food" while they were packing up to leave
    • disappearing for 30 minutes after the food was delivered
    • being called "Rick"
    • giving the table three free stacks of cooked? pancakes...with no silverware