Sam Prevatt/Proposed Changes

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Sam Prevatt/Proposed Changes
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Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2004

Sam Prevatt/Proposed Changes
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 1996 through 1998
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Sam Prevatt is a Duke TIP staff member and former student. He is among the most well-known of staff members, and as of late is a fairly controversial character due to his appearance to many as a strict disciplinarian. He attended three years of TiP, spent several years as a Residential Counselor, and in 2006 became the On-Site Co-Ordinator, or OSC, of the Duke East Campus program. He is one-third of the Trinity, a group of RCs.


Sam Prevatt attended TIP from 1996-1998 during Term I. In 1998, he roomed with Mark Marvelli.


Sam Prevatt was one-third of the group known as the Trinity, along with Daag Alemayehu and Mark Marvelli. The three were students together for 1-3 years, culminating in sharing a hall in Term I of 1998. Later, all three returned to serve as staff members. Sam Prevatt was an RC while Daag and Mark acted as TAs and RCs. All three members of the Trinity left in 2004. As of 2006, Daag and Sam are both part of the program, while Mark is working at Texas Intruments.


Sam was an RC on East campus for several years. His RAG won One each time it was available. Stephen Koren and Mike Sori were two of his TIPsters.

On-Site Coordinator

Starting in 2006, Sam Prevatt is the OSC for Duke East Campus. Due to the coinciding of his OSC-ship and several incredibly unpopular rule changes such as the New Visitation Policy, Prevatt is very unpopular among some TiPsters, and several memorable incidents about him are shared as stories, including a serious, angry calling-out of audience members who laugh during his initial speech. The person called out was released after a light warning due to his honesty. Still, most students and staff members agree that Prevatt is a high step up from the previous OSC, Leighanne, and as TiPsters become familiar with Sam their view of him often improves.

Actually, I did not notice that prevalent a feeling of dislike of Sam the OSC (East Term II '06), but more of a hatred of the visitation policy itself. Sam was treated to the love/hate relationship expected for any OSC.