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Seans RAG --Democritus

Sean's RAG has a rich history despite being relatively new. When Josiah left at the end of Session 1 they had to find someone to replace him, the obvious choice being Sean, a great RC who had previously done TiP but not at West. (BTW this is during Session 2 Duke West 2k14)

Seans RAG consists of the following

  • The REAL Slim Shrady
  • Charith Wijeyesekera (Stay Prismatic!)
  • Austin (Canadian!!)
  • Dylan (ZZZ)
  • Alex Sexiness Denisowski ( the sunglasses one )
  • Alex ( the other one )
  • Jared W (Violinist... oops sorry, Viola-ist)
  • Gabe (Dat Piano Playing Tho)
  • Chris Song (Ramen King)
  • Jefferson (The Prophet of Coach K)

Sean is known for being one of the chillest RC's there in regard to rules and just acting less like and RC and just like another kid, being able to relate to us on a personal level and less like an authority figure. That by no means means that he doesn't perform his job, he just does it well. The call for Sean's RAG is the line from Jason Derulo's recent song Wiggle. Sean will start off with the tune and then each RAG member will say a word in the line "You know what to do with that big fat brain ( it had to be changed to brain to make it more TiPPropriate.

His RAG also affectionately refers to him as Seanie after Cathy referred to Sean as Seanie during TiPial Pursuit when asking whose RAG it was.

Sean's RAG inhabits the 3rd floor O and parts of P house in Kilgo ( strangely as far away from the 4th year girls rags as possible...). Barry's RAG lives just down the hall from them as well as Benny's RAG of 3rd year guys.

Sean's rag is famous for creating Fresca Bowling as well as having a shrine dedicated to Coach K, where prayers are held multiple times a day in Jefferson's (and Gabe's) room. The religion is affectionately called K-ism.

Again much like IM DA BES this is a work in progress seeing that session 2 is still in progress, expect more soon.

~Yours truly