Spirit week

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Spirit Week is basically homecoming week; TiP-style. It's so awesome that it spans over the course of two weeks instead of one.

Duke East

Term One

Spirit week takes places over the course of 6 days, Mon-Sat, during the second week.

Monday: Grunge Monday (according to TiP staff), or Emo monday (according to traditionalistic Tipsters) (dress in the emo or grunge style)

Tuesday: Toga Tuesday (wear your bedsheet as a toga)

Wednesday: Wear a Skirt Wednesday (cross-dressing)

Thursday: Hipster Tipster Thursday (dress in a hipster style)

Friday: ADF Friday (dress like the dance camp, ADF)

Saturday: Pride Saturday (rainbows, specific pride flags, etc.)


Week 2: Grunge Monday (but we all know it's really Emo monday (or Emonday))

Week 3: Mustache Monday


Week 2: HipsterTiPster Tuesday

Week 3: Toga Tuesday


Week 2: Wear a Skirt Wednesday


Week 2: Thrift Shop/Frat Thursday (formerly Thug Thursday)


Week 2: ADF Friday