Svusch's fairy wings

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Fairy wings, passed down during Term 1 of 2005 to Evan Welber, then a 2nd year. They were originally meant to symbolize the essence of TiP: the brilliance, the ebullience, the eloquence, and the magnificence that Svusch herself was. The Wings, now falling apart, are given to someone filled with love and happiness and a general excitement to make new friends at TiP. Starting in 2016, there will be two pair of wings (the originals and a second pair.) The new pair will be worn at the 1st and 2nd dance, while the original will be worn to the 3rd and final dance and the talent show. This is to prevent the original pair from collapsing completely and leaving future tipsters without the original.

Year Owner
2005 Svusch Linkous
2006 - 2007 Evan Welber
2008 - 2009 Emma Joslyn
2010 Arthur Rizavi
2011 - 2012 Lucy Lansing
2013 Noah Flowers
2014 Ariel Dornisch
2015 Katie Hyry
2016 Maggie Ryals
2017 Ethan Saffold
2018 Will Snider
2019 Katherine Lawson
2020 Lindsay G.