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The TIP Summer Studies programs. O, how can one describe thee? Well, I'm going to try, 'cause I'm bored and there's nothing else to do except sip slowly at my Diet Dr. Pepper and contemplate death.

Here's how Duke defines the Summer Studies programs:

Duke TIP Summer Studies Programs offer students in grades 7-10 the opportunity to learn highly challenging material at a rate suited to their advanced abilities. Students enroll in a single Duke TIP-designed course for three weeks of in-depth study; they attend nearly 40 hours of class each week between Monday morning and Saturday afternoon. Programs are offered on a variety of college campuses, providing an unparalleled opportunity for young scholars to experience college classroom instruction and residence hall living. Classes have approximately 16 students and are taught by highly qualified Instructor-Teaching Assistant teams. Outside the classroom, a carefully selected residential staff supervises students during meals, free time, and social and recreational activities. In general, Duke TIP Summer Studies Programs are divided by admissions criteria into the Academy for Summer Studies and the Center for Summer Studies.

Here's how a seasoned TIPster defines them:


Here's how a more verbose TIPster defines them:

TIP is where the nerds with $4000 go in the summertime to commune and breed, though technically breeding isn't allowed. It is a place freer of social convention than your average Waffle House and it's more fun than flossing your teeth, so you can imagine why we come. Basically, we go to college for three weeks. Going to college involves one class which takes up most of your time, sleeping in un-air-conditioned dorms in North Carolina in the hottest part of the summer, and eating dorm food, which is probably the least nutritious thing available without a license. However, the people are worth it. After class, we have about an hour of actual free time, which is the only time you're technically allowed to use the or Lilly Library, but you can totally sneak in all the time and no one will catch you, mostly because why would anyone be sneaking into libraries? Other than that, we pretty much have regimented fun, which sucks a little but not that much, 'cause it's usually fun in spite of the regimented. How to get in? early and have about three thousand dollars to burn. Wahey.

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