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Tara: Oh-Noem Writer

Tara attended Duke East Campus Term II for three years 2005-2007. In her 4th year she met the ultimate duo, Maggie Killman and Hanna Bridges-Curry. After meeting them at the airport, biffle status ensued. Maggie introduced Tara to the "OhNoetry Notebook". One fine day on the Pegram bench, waiting for Carnival Day to begin, Tara asked Maggie if she could see her glorious notebook of tradition. As she gazed across the quads, inspiration hit her. Her gaze fell on the dunking booth, in which the glorious OSC, Sam Prevatt was being...welll...dunked. Her pen hit the paper, and thusly the ohnoem was created. It was read at the 2007 talent show by the MCs: Emma Johnson, George Netscher, and Lucas Partridge


Sam the O-dd-SC (like odyssey, not Odd-OSC)

Oh, Sam the OSC,

clad in your Ray-Bans, how I love thee.

Residing over the TIP campus, all authoritative and such,

for you, my heart beats way, too much.

Everyday I pass your office,

I really don't know how to stop this.

You're in the dunking booth, dripping with water,

Almost as hot as Harry Potter.

You come to our class to observe Gatsby,

The blond who's studdering, yea, that's me.

I can't wait to see you shake it at the dance,

Oh, Sam, please get in my pants.

For you Sam, my heart will pine,

Please, oh please, say you'll be mine.

Term History

Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2005 2nd Duke East II Alspaugh
2006 3rd Duke East II High Spirits Pegram
2007 4th Duke East II