The Great Ceiling Tile Heist

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The Great Ceiling Tile Heist was the culminating event of Will Smith's fourth year, and the best prank pulled on the Last Night at West Term I 2015. This prank was taken up primarily as retribution against The Unknown Chachette for the events of Don't Break The Ceiling, but also partly for shits and giggles, and maybe also as a result of being doped up after breaking his finger. The preparations began the week before, with Will practicing on the second floor RCs (most notably Peter), before Peter shut him down after one particularly large practice-heist. On the Last Night, Will Smith, joined by other members of the Boom Squad, namely Stillman Hanson and Becca Hentges, among others, snuck down the corridors to the Unknown Chachette's hall, and removed a total of 14 tiles from the ceiling and placed them outside her door. The Unknown Chachette's TIPsters were very confused by this, as were the other girls on the hall. The fun lasted until after the final rising of the sun, when Peter made Will put all of the tiles back. While checking out The Unknown Chachette asked if Will had "anything to say," and in response he reassured her that he would not steal her tiles next year.