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The Thundercats are the Ultimate team that placed runner-up in the West Term II 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ultimate Tournaments. The team was formed in 2009 by the Holy Trinity of Tyler Vance, Griffin Katz, and Garrett Kriston. Generally regarded as the best third year team ever to step onto a frisbee field, the Thundercats handily beat one team of fourth years only to lose by one heartbreaking point to the Team Team, another fourth year squad. It was prophesized that if the Trinity reunited as fourth years, the world as we know it would end due to the sheer force of awesome. In order to prevent this the three decided to go their separate ways, with Tyler returning to West (with a broken arm) where he coached the '10 Thundercats, Griffin going to East where was the coach of the Lazer Dragons, and Garrett vanisheing to parts unknown to hone his near-lethal frisbee skills. The team is 4-3-0 in tournament play.


  1. Griffin Katz
  2. Tyler Vance
  3. Brandon Anderson
  4. Alex Averbook
  5. Benton Troxclair
  6. Brett Northey
  7. Garret Kriston
  8. Sahil Patel
  9. Anthony
  10. Taylor Thompson
  11. Audrey Kidwangerman
  12. Sydney Cantor
  13. Jessica DeAngelo
  14. Chuckie Allen

Sort of joined the team, apparently: Peter Eivaz

2009 Schedule

Game 1

The Thunder Cats first game was against the Nightmare. They started this game off scoring two consecutive points with a loaded starting team. After a complete substitution the Nightmare scored two points making the score 2-2. After that the Thundercats switched up the lineup varying their two lines, balancing the skill in both groups. This proved successful and allowed for five straight points, ending the game with a final score of 7-2.

Game 2

The Thunder Cats faced Zulu Force in the second round. The Zulus were ridiculously competitive and called nonstop fouls, especially after going down a few points. It got to the point where a Zulu member was kicked out for swearing, after which the Thundercats quietly upset the Zulus using the balanced strategy they acquired in their first game. The Zulus went on to lose to the AznInvazn in the third-place game.

Game 3

The Team Team, having won during West Term II 2008, was trying for a repeat performance with a team of entirely fourth years in the tournament. After having a bye and defeating AznInvazn, the team would face the Tyler Vance and the Thundercats, who were looking good after beating Zulu Force in an upset. The championship round opened with an early Thundercats 4-1 lead, but after the Team Team gained a 5-4 advantage, the teams traded touchdowns until the score was 6-6. With the Team Team in control, a play called Helicopter was performed, after which Brett Downey successfully passed across the entire field to Evan Baker, covered by three Thundercats, to win the game.