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A TiPunion is a reunion between two or more TiPsters. Each TiPunion varies greatly in size, from small get-togethers with just a few TiPsters who knew each other well, to large meetups with TiPsters who have never met; in length, ranging from a few hours to a week or more; and in location, from actual TiP campuses to any other location in the world.

Considering the vast amount of TiPsters, it's no surprise that TiPunions occur fairly often when looking at all TiPsters. The Tipsters for life page on Instagram (run primarily by Louanne Hood, who has had many TiPunions) posts TiPunion pictures frequently, and TiPsters are likely to make posts on their own social media when they meet up.

Types of TiPunions

TiPunions can be vastly different from each other. These are a few examples of types of TiPunions.


These TiPunions often occur among TiPsters who haven't necessarily met before. They're usually organized by a prominent TiPster, or even a TiP Legend (see Louanne Hood), who has connections with many other TiPsters through platforms such as the TiPster GroupMe or Tipsters for life Instagram page. These TiPunions can bring together a lot of TiPsters since they're often in large population centers (Houston seems to be a popular location) where many TiPsters live and are "well-advertised" within the TiPster community.


Impromptu TiPunions

This kind of TiPunion occurs when TiPsters realize that they're in the same area without having planned it and decide to meet up with each other. Since these are unplanned, they generally only involve two TiPsters, unless another one just happens to pass by (it happens) or see that they, too, are in the same area.


The School Dance TiPunion

This TiPunion takes tons of effort and planning on the part of the TiPsters involved. The two TiPsters are often in a long-distance relationTiP and must somehow get parents involved without sounding extremely shady.

(Of course, there are always exceptions to the general rule, such as the St. Agnes dance TiPunion between Abby Hollmann and Louanne Hood, when the two just so happened to be going to the same school dance.)


The Family Vacation TiPunion

What better way to spice up your family vacation than to force them to spend their day taking you to hang out with a fellow TiPster? These TiPunions happen when a TiPster's vacation destination happens to be to a location where another TiPster, friend or not, lives or is also vacationing, and the two decide to tack on a TiPunion to the family trip.


  • The TiPunion Day TiPunion: Mads Mansfield's family had planned a vacation to Miami, where Joel McCullough lives, even before they met at TiP.
  • The Tuesday TiPunion: Abby Hollmann was visiting relatives after her family vacation, and Thomas Holder was visiting relatives in the same area on the same day.

The TiPunion TiPunion™

This TiPunion is a well-planned TiPunion among a small (or large, in the case of the famous 2006 TiPunion) group of TiPster friends. This TiPunion can vary a lot in length, depending upon school schedules for TiPsters involved and how willing their parents are to host so many TiPsters for a longer period of time - they've occurred from one or two days to a week or longer.