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Pronouns he/him
Campus(es) Davidson, Georgia Tech
Attended 2018-19
Course(s) Math Problem Solving, Artificial Intelligence
RAG(s) Rashad, Uduak
Roommate(s) John; Marcus, Mathias, David
Social Media

Tucker is currently a second year second year in the program. He is best known for successfully importing the finch module in under five minutes and Grand Geezuz of the Georgia Tech 2019 Projector Cult and of Python.

Notable Events


  • Made amazing friends (love you all)
  • Co-founder and Grand Geezuz of the Projector Cult
  • Imported Finch
  • Played All Star on the Finch buzzer
  • Taught a simple car to drive with the help of his amazing partner Vlad
  • Raised a python exception about threading while trying to raise an custom exception that no exceptions have been raised


  • "Hello" (and not much else)
  • "Woo, math" (genuine excitement phrased in a seemingly sarcastic way)
  • "Yes, I've been coding on my phone. It's because I can."
  • "Where'd you get that ketchup bottle from?"
  • *puns*

Classes and RC Groups

Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate(s)
2018 2 Davidson College Math Problem Solving Rashad John
2019 1 Georgia Tech Artificial Intelligence Session 1 Uduak Marcus, Mathias, and David