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Evan is...


Everyone at TIP knows Evan - he's a serious presence. Evan has been on the receiving end of all sorts of new traditions (Svusch's fairy wings and Liz's Three Bottles of Boosh), and is known for his amazing costumes, especially on Wear a Skirt Wednesday and for Dances. Past costumes have included a French whore, a school boy, a mime, a dominatrix, and a blue thing with wings and an umbrella. He is also known for the renowned BFFL dance, which he performed at the talent show in '05. Evan should be praised for all he does - he's just that spectacular. He is also well known for his renowned Helen Keller, Terri Schiavo, and dead baby jokes. Although he would sometimes stumble upon some fool who was offended by these quips, most adored his wisecracks and would laugh hysterically at them for hours. His cookie-baking skillz are to be envied, and his step-dancing talents coveted. Evan has been known to pepper the morning beverages of unsuspecting friends, so be on the lookout. He is also sometimes called Piccolo Boy because of his habit of playing piccolo at every opportunity at Davidson '04. He, along with Natalie Jacewicz and Emma Johnson, wrote the script to 2007's Doctor Doctor, in which he also played the role of the daughter. We are all lucky because Evan has one more year.

EDIT: No! This is Evan's last year. Many of us are devastated. What will TIP do without his provocative French Maid outfits? Woe is we.



  • - (while these two were initially enemies as roommates, by their fourth year, they were nearly inseparable) and Jon (Random Asian who was never heard of again)
  • - No roommate
  • - Joshua (aka naked boy)
  • 2007- Noel (their room had AC!)

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