5th Year

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5th years are TIPsters who manage to stay at TIP after they have surpassed their 4th year.

Danny Borstelmann will be a 5th year in 2011.

Legend has it that during Term II 2008 Rachel Watson and Cally!, two past TiPsters, just could not be kept off the Duke East campus. They not only infiltrated the Thing-that-would-be-Casino Day, but also successfully sneaked into an indoor dance past all the RC's. EPIC.

Two males, rumored to be Cameron Seitzman and Michael James, followed their predecessors' examples by sneaking into a TIP dance and participating as normal TIPsters. Michael was still a TiPster--but an Institute TiPster at Duke West. Although Cameron made his escape before American Pie, Michael still tried to join the 4th year circle. He was pulled out by RC Ellen Snell who, ironically, is an alumnus of the same high school as Michael. They shall be remembered as the 3rd and 4th 5th-years.

Unable to handle separation from her fellow Hipster TiPster a hipster tipster, Carly Bloomfeld was present for the entirety of an evening activity (chilling on the quad) and most of evening free time one night during Duke East Term I 2011. She got away with it because almost every staff member was new, so no one recognized her. Also, other than a hipster tipster only about 4 TiPsters recognized her. That was when it became clear that no TiPsters would ever come close to the coolness of the original Hipster TiPsters. The End. Also, Ellen became a TA and invented Slaptor, an awesome game.

During the baseball game that UGA 2014 term 1 TiPsters went to, 5th years Justin Flory and Quinn Middleton went in and chilled with TiPsters. The RCs knew they were there, but didn't do anything because they were technically at a public event and couldn't do anything about it.

In 2017, did the most controversial thing a 5th year could do.He sneaked into Rice Term 2 Center(because academy was moved to LSU) during move-in day.