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The Apeman is more commonly known as Sam Prevatt, the OSC of Duke East, 2006 and long time RC. A song was written about him. It is as follows:

Apeman! Apeman!

He flies around in a garbage can!

He has rules, yes he does,

His brain is made of dryer fuzz!

Apeman! There goes the Apeman!

This song was written to the the tune of the Spiderman Theme Song, which was hummed everytime Sam Prevatt walked by. The fact that few other staffers heard this song made him question his sanity for a little while. The song was sung by all the TIPsters who participated at the Talent Show, proving Sam's sanity.

He is called Apeman because his likeness is similar to that of Homo erectus, at least when in an angry rampage meant to intimidate TiPsters (expect this especially on the first night of TiP during the reading of the rules, and all subsequents hours of TiP)

Not to Mess Things Up But ...

OSC Sam really wasn't a bad guy at all. in case nobody noticed, noone was sent home during (at least during term I, 06) his reign. Sam's really a very, very nice man and doesn't deserve all the junk that Tipsters are always giving him. if anyone ever bothered to actually talk to him when they weren't in trouble they would definately see that.

i guess being the OSC during the infamous installation of the New Visitation Policy does wonders for your reputation.

And to most people, he looks more like Hugh Laury than homo erectus