Connor Buehler

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Connor Buehler
Connor and Isabel holding the main UGA Term 2 Traditions at the Staff-Student Game of 2015
Name Connor Buehler
Residence Cumming, GA
Nickname(s) Simba
Attributes n/a
Fields of Interest Sports and theatre
RelationTiPs Isabel
Other Brother of Christopher Buehler

Connor is a fourth year-fourth year from Cumming, Georgia who attended Appalachian State University his first year and UGA his last three years. He is known for his love of tip, his TiPfamous brother Chris Buehler, his relationTIP with Isabel Koolik (every year at TIP), and for holding several of the famous traditions of UGA Term 2. His current adopted father is the famous Anthony Gagliardi and his adopted mother is the wonderful

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 First Appalachian State University II Theatre Arts White Hall Matt
2013 Second University of Georgia II Criminal Law and Mock Trial Myers Hall Chris Jack Barna
2014 Third University of Georgia II American Foreign Policy Myers Hall Vincent William Anderson
2015 Fourth University of Georgia II Cryptography Myers Hall Steven Thomas Wiliford

Preceded by:
Joey Dierkes
Wearer of The Fourth Year Hat Succeeded by:
Chris Gregoire