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The "Dunc Squad" was Duncan's RAG at Duke West Term 1 2013. It was the freshest RC group at Duke West Term 1 and everyone knew it, and was one of the two fourth year boy RC groups. The name was made popular by Veir Patel. The Dunc Squad was situated in the P hall and was made up of 13 members. They were the only RC group with roof access. They were also on the winning blue team during Quadfest, and everyone did a legendary job.

Members and superlatives

  • Haroon Alam (most likely to Haroon)
  • Max Rerkpattanapipat (most likely to commit cockroach homicide)
  • Ryan Brandt (most likely to become a musical genius sitting next to Veir)
  • Reed Haury (most likely to have the voice of a thousand angels)
  • Antony Samuel (most likely to boots and cats and boots and cats)
  • James Conti (most likely to GATTACA)
  • James Grubbs (most likely to be found in a nook with second years)
  • Veir Patel (meep)
  • Wilson Pu (most likely to win the person of his dreams with a towel)
  • Clark Davis (most likely to make it seem like someone was murdered in the bathroom)
  • Jacob Thompson (most likely to head a black market TiP cartel)
  • Andrew Tanaka (most likely to kung fu everything)
  • Ryan Harradine (most likely to cruise through a caffeine OD)
  • Duncan (most likely to say "...it was 99 cents!")

First RAG night - Wreck-It Ralph

For the Dunc Squad's first RAG night, they watched Wreck-It Ralph with another rc group which i can't remember the name of right now. There was pizza and everyone had a good time. Antony might have cried again.

Second RAG night - Ben & Jerry's

For their second RAG night, they took a bus to Ben & Jerry's and tried to conquer the Vermonster with 5 people (Veir, James C, Clark, Andrew, and James G.) James G ate about two spoonfuls and decided he was done(thew-up). Veir complained about Clark mixing the ice cream around instead of eating it and also ordering mint chocolate chip as one of the flavors. Veir also picked coffee as one of the flavors which did npt meld with the majority and was therefore shunned! Eventually they did complete it and Ryan Harradine drank the ice cream dregs at the bottom of the bucket. Veir then took the bucket for himself which was later lost to a group of third years who wanted a bucket because Ben and Jerry's didn't have any.

Third RAG night - Defy Gravity

For the Dunc Squad's third and final RAG night, they all went to an indoor trampoline park called Defy Gravity, accompanied by Anesh (a T.A. for Video Game Programming) and Zach(who dove in headfirst into the jump pit and hurt his back, while Ryan Harradine took a video). They were a little late though because it was raining and so they were delayed by about 25 minutes waiting for Neuroscience to get back to the quad. Once they got there they had a great time. They basically got everyone out of their way because it was such a large group of people. Nobody got badly hurt, even though there were a couple bruised and skinned knees or something.

The Dunc Squad's adventures


It was well known that on the last night of TiP, a loooooot of people wanted to come on the roof in room P307. This caused about 5 girls and 13 guys to come up to the P hall at 5 in the morning. Ryan Harradine heard people talking from his room and opened the door to see his hallmate Clark Davis looking down the hallway, and almost immediately, almost 20 people swarmed into the room. Someone spotted an RC across the hall and loudly whispered their name, who then came towards the room everyone was hiding in. The girls were all hiding in "Mexico", which has historically been under Ryan Harradine's Bed, and the guys were in the room with the lights off hidden behind dressers and desks etc. During all of this, Wilson Pu was casually standing in the hallway watching the events unfold, and who also evaded getting in trouble. Also during this fiasco, Haroon was sitting up in bed, woken up by the noise, with a look of sheer surprise on his face regarding the almost 20 people hiding in his room. The RC (who will remain anonymous) came into the room and asked to turn the lights on. Ryan Harradine replied "sure!" and casually walked out of the room (which somehow remained unseen by the RC at the door. The RC continued to stand there with the ligths still off for a few minutes until finally turning the lights on. Everyone came out of their hiding places and continued to stand there. The RC knocked on Duncan's door, (at the end of the hallway next to room P307 and the room full of children. The RC explained the situation and asked for help only to hear a faint "GO TO BED!!" from Duncan's room. Another RC was summoned and finally after standing awkwardly for about 5 minutes, everyone came out of the room and was escorted to the office, where, after Andrew Tanaka regretfully declined a chewy granola bar from Zach, they were told,"I have not gotten any sleep yet today and unlike all of you it is not by choice. Now I would appreciate if you guys got your asses back to where you are supposed to be!......Thanks Guys". Later, a lot of people came back and watched the sunrise from the roof in P307. It was really nice.


For Tipsync, the Dunc Squad performed the Ghostbusters theme song. Wilson, Ryan B, Veir, and James C were Ghostbusters, while Antony, Andrew, Clark, and James G were ghosts. Max was a victim and Reed was the ghostbusters' secretary, who actually lip synced the song. Jacob helped pull the dead ghosts off the stage. Duncan was the final boss of the ghosts, who beat all except Veir when Veir sent a flying kick into Duncan, destroying all of his 3 paper hearts and ending the Tipsync.


If you were at Duke West Term 1 2013, you may remember the Dunc Squad's hats. These hats were much better than any t-shirt because of the little picture of a black man with an afro and glasses smiling at you every time you looked at the hat. The reason this man is on the hat is because when the hat was being designed, Veir searched "basketball" in the clip art library and after a lot of scrolling this man came up and almost everyone agreed that he should be the one on the hat. He is always happy. When you rotate him vertically his eyes stay in the same place, too.