Emily Jacobson

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC
2011 1st Davidson II Psychology Sentelle Chalis/Chili
2012 2nd Duke West II Social Psychology Kilgo Kat
2013 3rd Duke East II Creative Nonfiction Brown Lucretia

Intro: by NOT Emily (unlike the rest of this)

Wow. This could take a while.... For starters, Emily is one of the greatest TiPsters ever. Not only is she one of the few ginger girls, her fiery personality matches her hair quite well. This tipster goes by many names ranging from Annie (her orphan role in the tip sync) to Ginjew (play on hair color/religion/nonexistent ninja-like grace)to Tymily (the soon to be best relationTiP ever!). Her "slip" down the stairs the first year was quite sad (I'M SORRY!!!) but she bounced back happily to her everyday Threadless.com T-shirts. Emily is well...just...Emily. Word of advice though, never borrow clothes from her for hipster TiPster day - they are quite depressing! Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) Doctor Who, music no one else cares about, stalking 4th year boys, and tape sculptures on her door (edit: That was her roommate. She just got scooped every morning in her still-mostly-asleep waking state.) Her claim to fame her first year was how utterly tomato-like she looks while angry (which pointing out to her only emphasized). Luckily, this went away her second year, where she was more well-known for Joe Fan Club membership and having absolutely no verbal filter - resulting in a lot of name-calling, ranging from "HO!" or "Canoe!" to "Tiger Lily" and "Baguette" in creativity. There are many more wonderful things about her but trying to write down all of her obscurities, awesomeness, and inside jokes would take centuries. Also, #TYMILY4LYFE! (NOT)

Intro: updated, actually true

Emily Jacobson is a hottie who's working on acknowledging it. She spends her time barely passing as an amateur thespian and professional procrastinator. When she’s not crying, she is listening to folk punk or barely independent indie or making paperclip rings. She is a writer, an actress, a singer, and full-fledged nerd - but most of all, she is a TiPster. Known for her slightly abnormal humor, legendary writing skills, and super awkward laugh, Emily Jacobson lives her life following 49/3, and she loves her TiPsters. A member of the after-hours Vermonster clique of East Term II, she is possibly most known for her NON-RelationTiP with [redacted]. BECAUSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Well, something happened, but that was the past. Now they're just best buds, and love it that way. She co-authored new tradition The Compendium with awesome friends Tessa Jarden, JR Culpepper, Richard Pei, and Johnathan Lee.

Davidson Term II 2011

Emily took Psychology under Daniel Bullock and Olivia Mahony (WHO WERE COMPLETELY DATING). Her rise to fame began as people discovered that upon any sort of minor frustration her face would turn bright red, and only grew to heightened acclaim as it was realized pointing this out to her made her even redder. She was also known ex post facto as one of the many admirers of one super smexual David Flora, lovingly referred to by her RC Group as "Dweebazoid" not because they'd actually met him, but because she pretty much never shut up about him. Emily and David, classmates extraordinare, would often have pale-offs, of which the result was almost always a tie. The two bonded over shared love of obscure music, Threadless, and Doctor Who, and on more than one occasion switched almost-identical glasses to see if anyone noticed. (They didn't, but she was never positive because while David's glasses looked the same, they didn't actually fully correct Emily's vision.) This wonderful aforementioned RC Group was the Chili Peps of 1st floor Senntelle who were actually kind of reclusive because their lounge was converted into the office. She could also be found in Sentelle Basement with Margaret Overton annoying Finn... AGAIN. Emily was notably Annie in their "Hard Knock Life" TipSync performance (best lip-sync! woot!) which unfortunately gave her a nickname that stuck around quite a while. She sustained a somewhat serious ankle injury when in a poorly coordinated attempt to hip-bump, Madeline Wilks knocked her down a flight of stairs. Emily could often be found her second week complaining and/or mooching off of other people's against-policy contra pain meds, even though her room was right next to the Med Room. This often caused the mistake of people knocking on the door of the room she shared with Lori Jia and Lauren Bernard early in the morning when they'd rather be sleeping. Proximity to executive offices also caused activity signups to happen right outside of the Chili Peps' bathroom, leaving all with great memories of pushing through hordes of angry people with towels on their heads after a relaxing evening shower. Emily was also known for her ridiculous amount of nail polish (20 colors for 20 days) and somewhat... messy dorm room. Certain people (Emma) would find it funny (Emma) to take advantage of this fact (Emma) and hide places (closet, bed) to jump out and scare her. (It was okay though, because Emma always made her bed afterwards. Anything that made Rodney and Rosita, her throw pillows, happy made Emily happy too.) While Emily gained notoriety amongst certain groups, her only true public act would be her performance in the talent show. Performing improv in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway's Switch with Margaret Overton (and Ruth Hewlett narrating/Drew-Carrying), she made a splash by in essence being the worst improv partner ever. She basically would repeat what Margaret said, harnessing her extreme awkwardness for the sake of good humor. The skit culminated in Emily's answer of what her suitcase was full of being switched from clothes to candy to dead babies. Oh, the summer of dead baby jokes...

Fun Fact! #1: Emily's pale ginger complexion is remarkably similar to that of a dead baby!

Duke West Term II 2012

This was a summer where Emily was still really babyish but was tolerated and maybe even loved by Katie Webber and Frances Beroset. The three were pretty much inseparable, and suffered through Social Psych together with two entire boys, one being the fabulous . Emily called a lot of people by pretty stupid nicknames at least she found funny, and hopelessly longed for a 4th year (original). She ate an entire box of Reeses Whoppers and lots and lots of Frances's ridiculously strong salt & vinegar kettle chips. As usual, she overpacked. Not her best year, but you better bet she at least cried a little lot a bit.