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Anyone that's been to TiP, especially East, knows that nerds do things considered to be "dumb". As nerds, we make everything difficult in what we do. One way of showing this is through the games we play. Term 1 TiPsters are known to do this especially. These games are played frequently, and the idea of such a game is questioned frequently as well:

Epic Risk

Epic Risk: By far the worst idea for a game, invented in 2011 by Arthur Rizavi and Jack Warman, it consists of students throwing their lanyards at sewage grates. The only way to win is to not lose your lanyard or whatever else you throw. Basically, you can only lose. Notable and ONLY loser is Jackie Chan (Andrew), who lost $10 and his lanyard with both ID cards from 2010 and 2011 the last night. Arthur and Chris were the only confirmed players to play like men with Thierry keys on. The game loses its epicness and is just considered "Risk" if you take your key off the lanyard. This is also the more intelligent way to play. Best quads to play on are Giles Quad and Bus Stop Quad. The sewage grate on Giles is literally bottomless. Literally. If you play it on Circle Quad you're just weaksauce. During the Duke East 2012 Term 1 talent show, MCs Danielle and Lillian made reference to Epic Risk. Andrew Lee, the only loser stood up with honor, always claiming his title.

Epic Risk: Dorm Style

Another Epic Risk related occurence during Duke East Term 1 2012 was the invention of Epic Risk: Dorm Style. This game was played for the first time on a Sunday night by Sara Edelman, Sam Pickerell, Max Schuman, Alicia DeVos, Nick Moser, Kathryn Kellner, Aditya Pande, Kate Gibson, and various other TiPsters, mainly fourth-years. The idea was to wait on Bassett bench until 9:59, and then sprint as fast as possible to make it into the dorm before they were locked out. This, while a great idea, did not work out as hoped, and the TiPsters were forced to face an irate Terricia and various other RCs. They were forced to run a lap, and dance two slow dances with a different partner (since there was an odd number of TiPsters, an empty water bottle was offered as a partner), however they had no music to dance to so it was just exceedingly awkward.

Star Tripping

Another noteworthy but completely stupid activity that TiPsters continue to participate in is star tripping. While introduced to Duke East in 2011, it was really only popularized in Term 1 2012 because Kate would annoyingly pester people to star trip with her almost every night. This game is played by staring up at the sky (hence stars, because it is played at night only), spinning as fast as possible for 20, 30 or 40 seconds (depending on how hardcore you are), and then having a bright light shined in your face (either a flashlight or an iPhone will do just fine). This results in extreme dizziness and inability to control the movement of your body. It is, however, the funnest thing ever. It is also very entertaining to watch people fall over again and again. In 2012, Kate and Luke introduced star tripping to the RCs, including Terricia, Gabe, etc., who totally loved it and Kate even got named an honorary member of Gabe's RAG because of it.

I don't even know what this is called, but ow

Putting your hands on the dark, metal recycling/garbage can: Also seen as a terrible idea, the game is only played when the sun is out, which provides for the heat source. Students compete to hold their hands the longest time on the hot metal surface, in the process burning themselves. The game is sometimes played with foreheads as well, which surprisingly is easier. Originating in 2010 by 3rd year rag AFT, it continued in 2011 by the same group of unintelligent 4th years (namely, the Bromance). This game was referenced in the East Term 1 2011 Talent Show's Doctor Doctor skit. In the last scene, a hipster tipster (who had been the Director) played the Mortician (who, because this was TiP style, was Mel Weyant) and made a comment about the game while speaking to the Doctor.

Ping Pool Hockey

As of 2012 Term 1 at East Campus, a new game was birthed into the world. Ping Pool Hockey was invented by 4th year bros (Sam Pickerill, Max Schuman, Kate Gibson, Aditya Pande, Eric Scoggins, Luke Portera, Nick Moser, and Travis Haycraft). Again, one of the closest victims to ever dying by this game is Andrew Lee. As a game of ping pool hockey was going on nearby, Andrew Lee was talking to RHL Terricia Soy. All of a sudden, by the grace of God himself, a pool ball flew off of the table. However, Andrew used his god defying powers to shift the ball. The ball thus missed his head by 1 inch. Andrew - 1 God - 0. The closest victim to die from this game was Andrew Gavin. An intense game of Ping Pool Hockey was going on and Andrew was watching from a chair close to the table. A wild shot by Sam shot off from the paddle and flew over the side of the table, drilling Andrew in the chest. The shoot knocked the wind out of Andrew and left him on the ground gasping for his last breath. Luckily Andrew was able to beat the Grim Reaper in a game of 1 on 1 ultimate and was able to keep his life.


Scorpion: A popular game at Davidson Term 1 2010 and West Term 1 2011, two opposing people face each other hook their thumbs from either their left or right hand together. Then when you say go, the two players dig their four other nails into the back of the others hand until one player admits defeat or begins to bleed.

Bell Palming

Bell Palming: started by 4th Year TIPster Chip Allen and 3rd Year Duncan McManus during Term 2 2012 at UGA, bell palming is a true test of mental strength. The game is played by each competitor placing his or her hand on the bronze bell outside of the Snelling dining hall near Myers. Played best when the sun is hot, each player will see how long he/she can hold his/her hand on the hot bell. Whoever surrenders first loses, and the winner has bragging rights of supreme mental strength until the next game.

Shoulder Cookie

A very simple game. You put any flavored cookie on your shoulder and attempt to eat it off your shoulder without the use of hands, whoever eats it the quickest wins. Invented by Ian English and Savannah "Lilli" Eubank. Pioneering participants include the creators, Tyler Tinari, Carly Pittman, Clayton Delp, and many others.

see Shoulder Cookie


Pinball was a game started by John Wang, and played by roughly half of the Term 1 Engineering Problem Solving Class at Davidson. It started when John slightly bumped into Joseph(Yes, the trouble maker who was banned from the second floor) and said, Pinball. It gradually got more and more violent, and ended with Jerome Bell knocking Joseph unconscious for a few seconds. It was officially banned at TIP.

Tie Ethan Up and Chase Him Around Z Commons Until He Slips and Faceplants

This game was invented during New College Term II, and is the best game on the entire list. The game consists of a group of girls holding Ethan McIntyre hostage, tying him up with streamers, and chasing after him as he runs around the concrete alley ways of Z dorm. This game was made popular by Jessie's Girls and DJ's Cereal Eaters, during Sunday Freetime. Nobody knows what one person actually came up with the idea for the game, but they are a genius.

Marching Band

This is more of a game than an activity, but we shouldn't participate in it while we do. Specifically, many musicians from Duke East Term 2 2012 took their instruments outside and paraded around the quads. They followed certain people around for an extended period of time while playing the same few select songs. A favorite of theirs is known as "The C Song". It consists of 2 chords and 4 basic melodic notes, but hours of entertainment came out of it.

Fresca Bowling

A "sport" started at Duke West Term 2 2k14. Basically born out of shear boredom and hype, a group of 4th year guys most notably Charith Wij and Alexander Denisowski decided that it would be a good idea to go bowling with leftover Fresca cans from the after-party with a Fresca can as the bowling ball. Hilarity soon started as it moved into a hallway sized sport, complete with a burm to catch Fresca cans that miss the target and a spectators box with at least a dozen people, including Benny the RC. the best part is is that as the game progresses, the cans break so that you can use them for your refreshments. The throw takes place at a distance of about 25-35 feet and there are some basic rules.

  • If you break a can, you must drink it, ALL OF IT
  • only use Fresca
  • Clean up what you blow up

We see hours upon hours of chugging Fresca and blowing stuff up in the near future --Democritis