Ian Hinze

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Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC
2009 1st Davidson I Beyond Baker Street Belk Unknown
2011 3rd Duke East I The Undead Pegram CJ(?)


Ian Hinze
Ian Hinze.jpeg
Pronouns He/Him/His
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2009, 2011
Course(s) The Undead
Roommate(s) Tim Hasty
Social Media


A misunderstood 3rd year TiPster who didn't mean any harm, promise. Ian had the first visible relationTiP with Katie McMillan (visible because of the hickies on his neck the second day of Term). After a week, he made the tragic mistake of leaving her for Alex Hammond, who, although a nice girl, wasn't the chickadee he should've been with. Ian spiraled out of control, kissing innumerable TiPsters by the end of Term (see relationTiPs Duke East 2011).

His style rivaled that of the 4th years in it's absurdity, and he held strong to the belief that sunglasses should be worn 24/7, even at night. His Sony Walkman and cassette tapes were amazing. He had a pair of yellow socks, and another of purple.

Most important, Ian was the roomate of Tim Hasty. And a very good roomate he was! At first, because of his belongings (like makeup for example) Tim was worried his roomate was gay. But, these doubts were soon torn to shreds when he got to know this awesome dude. In fact, Ian was as straight as they come. They first met on the first day where Ian inadvertantly introduced Tim to Peri Imler and produced the cutest relationTiP Duke East has ever seen. Thus, all of his fallacies are forgiven, as the creation of "Teri" surely counteracts everything else, right?

Rumors have been around for at least 9 years since Ian left Duke TIP. These rumors are partially due to his younger brother Colin Hinze, who himself gets caught up in shenanigans from time to time. These rumors include Ian being the reason that a TIPster can't be in another TIPster's room, Ian getting blacklisted for getting caught in the wrong room with the wrong person 2 days before the end of term, etc. While Ian refuses to comment on these matters, several of his old friends from camp attest to them.

The Undead

Ian's 3rd year class had (as some older classes did) a website. Legend: The Garrison. The class was located in the small room next to the current (as of 2017) Criminal Trial Advocacy class. The course hasn't been offered since.

General Info