Colin Hinze

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Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2015 1st Davidson II Architecture Belk Austin Hattori Stephen 'Riley' Elder Ryley Menges
2016 2nd Duke East II Criminal Trial Advocacy Brown Andrew Gavin Scott Gilman Calla Corder
2017 3rd Duke East II International Relations Alspaugh Joseph Oh Brendan Lawler Paloma Diaz-Minshew
2018 4th Duke East II Revolution and Terror Pegram Jospeh Oh Sam Triplett none lol

Colin Hinze
Pronouns He/Him/His
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2015-17
Course(s) Architecture (Davidson), Criminal Trial Advocacy, International Relations
RAG(s) Austin Hattori, Andrew Gavin, Joseph Oh
Roommate(s) Stephen 'RIley' Elder, Scott Gilman, Brendan Lawler
Social Media


Colin Hinze, sometimes referred to as "Jesus" or "Jesus Colin" because of his Jesus costume worn in all of his TIPsync acts and occasionally worn around campus. In the first year Colin asked the amazing Ryley Menges to the second dance. They had a good time, but it would end on the day of the last dance when he was dumped. His second year was mostly uneventful aside from his relationTIP with the then third year Calla Corder that broke up last day. In his glorious third year, Colin did a lot of things, without ever getting caught. Colin was mocked his third year for his pushing of his congressional campaign and attempt to sell merchandise for it.

Diplomacy-board-game-1.jpg Diplomacy
This TIPster has played Diplomacy at TIP and may have betrayed their friends multiple times.
2plus.png Cross-Campus
This TIPster has attended TIP at more than one campus.




  • Kate Hirschfeld-Father since second year.
  • Maggie Powell- Former Tie-Cultist. Father only Colin's third year.


  • Autumn Hinze- An amazing3rd Year/4th Year who stayed out of trouble but had fun.
  • Ian Hinze- A truly legendary TIPster with a lot of rumors about him.

Congressional Campaign

Colin ran a congressional campaign for the 2026 House of Representatives election. This led to a lot of jokes made, including the superlative in 2017 of 'Least Likely to be in Government'. He sold shirts and partially contributed to the ban that term in political apparel after his insistence that it was not a joke. He sold a few shirts to friends, and they can be bought at Colin Hinze for Congress.

First Year

Austin Hattori's RAG

Austin Hattori tried his best to keep his RAG in line, and for the most part succeeded. Like most first years, the pranks weren't particularly harmful and they just gave Austin a hard time. Austin knew Colin's brother, Ian Hinze, as they had been friends 3rd year at Duke East. Austin tended to cut Colin slack on minor infractions and even allowed him to stay out of class for an hour after Colin's relationTIP dumped him the day of the last dance. The RAG performed 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for That'. for the TIPsync, and Colin's parents sent him a Jesus costume for it. It was then that Colin earned his nickname of 'Jesus' that has followed him since.


The Architecture class was largely uneventful. A large number of models were built, etc. Until the second Wednesday, commonly called 'Wear a Skirt Wednesday'. On this fateful day, unbeknownst to Colin, he would run into conflict with wearing a skirt. The class had scheduled a field trip in Charlotte at a few museums, and then they would head to the mall. Colin was wearing a bright pink skirt, because he had true TIPspirit, and tried to enter a men's restroom at the mall. The security guard saw him walking out and yelled at him and the instructor. Colin yelled back and was almost kicked out of the mall. The mall manager was called, it was a huge deal. To this day Colin has never been back.

Second Year

Andrew Gavin's RAG

Andrew notoriously cared about nothing. Being a fun loving TIPster himself, he only wanted the kids to be safe. He caught Billy Lockhart several times with a girl in his room, and never cared. He kept a hammock under his bed that his RAG was allowed to sit on during meetings, and wrecked the kids at Ultimate (being a former H-Amazing Lazer Dragons captain). The RAG largely didn't get in trouble but Colin got a strike against him after getting into a fight. On the last night they all played 20 questions with Andrew, and a lot of information and stories about him came out.

Criminal Trial Advocacy

Not much happened in this class, other than Colin getting put outside the Relevance Box day 3 for talking about an Incredibles fan-theory. Colin frequently spoke up in class, and was even more frequently wrong with his ideas about what Don C. Donelson III asked. Colin was also known to ask his TA every day to the dance, culminating in a large Proposal the entire class was in on that involved several signs, to which she finally said yes.

Third Year

Joseph Oh's RAG

Joseph, much like Andrew Gavin, didn't care. He had a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy when it came to infractions. When members of his RAG planned a party, all he asked for was plausible deniability. On the last Wednesday, his RAG finally came through on the promise that had reiterated every day since move-in, that they would steal their RC's couch. On that day, they all ran into his room (that he usually left unlocked), picked up the couch and snuck it into the next room. There they covered it in a sheet, left one of the residents, sent the other two to the bathroom, and locked all of the keys inside. This was the only way to confirm that their RC couldn't get the couch back. They kept it until the next day when they took it back during 4-5 free time. On the last night Joe gave them permission to take the couch back for a party that night. Joseph even wrote his number, Snapchat, and Instagram on his white board so all of his TIPsters could contact him to help with sneaking out and sneaking people in. He provided as much assistance as he could without knowing specifics (Don't ask, Don't Tell)

International Relations

The International Relations class Colin was in was quite eventful. Towards the end of term Donald Trump's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, had just quit. There was a running joke in the class about the TA looking like Lord Farquaad. Colin expressed that he was a nihilist at the beginning of term, only to be exposed during a collaboration with the History of the Future class as a nationalist. upon this realization, Colin embraced it. He realized how much he loved America. In the game of Diplomacy, Colin won both rounds, making him possibly the greatest diplomat of all time.