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Andrew Gavin was a great TiPster who attended TiP Summer Studies from 2010-2013. He is known for his height and frisbee skills. For his fourth year he was captain of Watercolors and a member of the Quess Crew. As a fourth year Andrew and the other 4th years were able to win just about everything (leading to a scene in "Doctor Doctor" titled "Winning Everything").

Campuses and Classes

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2010 1st Davidson I Mathematical Problem Solving Belk Joey Kelley Carey-Ewend
2011 2nd Duke East I Game Theory Alspaugh Matt Rothardt Scott Miller
2012 3rd Duke East I Macroeconomics Bassett Edward Bender George Gallagher and Johannes Bang
2013 4th Duke East I Microeconomics Steve Wazny then Carter George Gallagher

First Year

-In his first year Andrew attended Davidson and took Mathematical Problem Solving. He was a member of Joey's RAG and he came up with the idea of doing It's Raining Men for TiPsync. At this time Andrew had not quite hit is growth spurt so he was still short, fat, and awkward. Because of this he didn't even end up participating in the Staff-Student game but instead played Mafia. Andrew could normally be found playing cards in the 3rd floor common room or watching the World Cup in the basement.

Second Year

-As a second year Andrew was a member of the famous Matt Rothardt's RAG. He was roommates with the incredibly handsome and sleep deprived Scott Miller. He took Game Theory with Sebastian, Quinton, and Jo Chen. Collectively they were known as the Happy Hustlers (aka. the funniest group of people ever.)

-During his second year Andrew started playing Ultimate almost religiously. He played almost every chance that he got to. Despite his pure dedication to the sport he still wasn't very good. Andrew was a mobile player for the student tournament; he first started out on Whales Without Tales but then switched to SAM's Club, only to get destroyed by Watercolors.

Third Year

-As a third year Andrew lived in Bassett in Edward Bender's RAG. He was in a triple room at the end of the hall with George Gallagher and Johannes Bang. Since their room was much bigger than the rest of the rooms they opened it up and called it Club JAG. Lots of free time was spent in Club JAG playing cards and generally having a good time. Andrew also brought a hammock which for the most time was set up in his closet, but was brought out sometimes. When Adam was too scared to sleep in the same room as Warren they set up the hammock up in the middle of the room and had a sleep over in Club JAG. Andrew had many great says such as; "The pants are coming off" "Scummy Will" "The END!" "I don't give a DAMN what you think you're entitled to!!!"

-Andrew really showed his skills at Ultimate during his third year. He was the only third year to be on Watercolors and was chosen by the RCs of Bassett to compete in Ultimate at Quadfest. If there was an evening activity of Ultimate you could almost always find Andrew there.

-Andrew took Macroeconomics in his third year. In the class he learned about inflation, GDP, and other economic terms. Max Schuman always tried to cheat off of Andrew because he Andrew was definitely better at economics than Max. Andrew, Max Schuman, Andrew Lee, and Richard Hayes did their final project together on the 2008 recession. They re-made an Economics USA video and it was very informative.

-At the end of Andrew's 3rd year he was given the The Watercolors Frisbee and a Q hat from Christian Krueger.

Fourth Year

-In his 4th year Andrew returned to Duke East Term 1 and took Microeconomics with the renowned TiP teacher Dr. Kane. In Dr. Kane's class Andrew did quite well, atleast for the first week he did. After the first week of banking off of his previous knowledge of Macroeconomics Andrew fell back into performing slightly above average on Dr. Kane's tests. However, Andrew was quite good at Dr. Kane's "Basic cultural literacy" zero point bonus questions. At the end of the class Andrew along with Leo, Mocha, and Big Mike did a project on Google's anti-competitive monopoly power. The 4 minute long video that included interviews, expressive descriptions, and interpretive dancing was one of the best final projects in Micro history.

-Andrew was roommates with George Gallagher for the second year in a row in his fourth year. On the first day when the two tried to access their room the key didn't work so they had to be moved to another room. They ended up getting moved to the handicap room in all of its glory. The handicap room had a bathroom with a shower and toilet and was about twice the size of the average room. They were informed that they weren't to use the bathroom because it was "unfair" to the other tipsters. Needless to say the bathroom was used. George and Andrew had a great amount of roommate chemistry and competed side by side in many competitions. They also did awkward poses for Steve when he came by for lights-out checks.

-As Watercolors captain, Andrew lead Watercolors to a victory in the student tournament by defeating Dream Team and Purple Drank FC. Watercolors was so dominate they were only scored on once by any student team. As a testament to Watercolor's dominance Andrew, who is 6'2" or 6'3", wasn't even a receiver; he handled the entire time. Watercolors went on to defeat a weakened staff team in the Staff-student game 15-8. Andrew's eating choices were some of the strangest I've ever seen. He very commonly would put cookies in his whole milk cereal or lather a blueberry bagel with ice cream. I can assure you that one of his mottos on life is "Screw health."

-Andrew was in a relationtip with Katharyn Loweth. This relationtip was one of the best relationtips of Term 1 2013. Their relationtip started during the first dance but everybody at camp knew it was destined to happen before then. On a normal day they would either be Trouble Couple #1 or #2, depending on how Carter felt that day. (Carter told me that they were "definitely trouble couple #1".) Both Andrew and Katharyn were amazing TiPsters and were pretty much perfect for each other.

-Andrew was a great dresser as he almost always wore button down shirts and khaki shorts. The occasional bow-tie was also seen to grace the neck of Andrew. To go along with his southern attire he was quite the southern gentleman.

-At the end of his 4th year Andrew passed down The Watercolors Frisbee and his Q hat to Nico Leis.

Things that were won

  • TiPsync
  • Legend of the Hidden TiPster
  • Geography Bee
  • Quadfest
  • The One
  • Steve's Heart
  • Student Tournament
  • Staff Student Game