Ian Kramer

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Time At TiP

Ian Kramer is a Recently Departed 2nd Year/ 2nd Year/ 2nd Year at Wake forest. He took Creative Writing in Term 1 2016, and Math Modeling in Term 2 2017. He was known for "+1"ing comments (He +1s that comment) in his second year but had no notable achievements his first year. He also performed in the Talent show his second year, singing "Fireflies" with an instrumental background. He admits his voice cracked for the entire performance, but the other TIPsters did not notice as they sung along.

Ian's first year was disappointing for him, especially after he had to deal with The Fall Where his RC (removed for Search reasons) Was one of the 11 lost, and he was "replaced" (this is a terrible term, for one does not simply replace an RC) with another one, whom he coincidentally also received, as the RC who was planned to be his own was sick, and the temporary replacement one was the same RC. Said RC stated to him that "I'm never your RC, but I always somehow end up with you."

Ian had Lance as his roommate in his first year but had no suitemates since Collins Hall was not designed that way. His second year, he had no roommate but did have two Suitemates, Asa and Jacob.

Ian did not wish to return to TIP for his second year after some of the events of his first year, as well as a group of TIPsters under the false impression that being a jerk is considered cool, but he is glad that he did return for his second year.

Facts that did not fit

JD is his favorite RC.

Ian wants to become an RC one day. He states that he'll give Phone Strikes often, but also give out buttons often.

Ian lives exactly 999 miles from the Wake Forest Campus. Luter and his Classroom are both in that circle.

Ian does not plan on becoming a 5th Year.

Ian likes the cold.

Ian disapproves of roasting, or burning, or owning, or whatever the heck you want to call it today. He has some skill for emergency use though.

Ian Has gotten away with using his phone is a no-phone zone once. He is still sad he did not catch that Lugia, though.

Speaking of which, Ian Plays Pokemon GO. He is a level 30 Mystic.

Ian has been Green and Grellow in Quadfest. He hopes to be all 4 colors.

Ian has obtained a total of 13 buttons. He has lost 2, one related to the fact 3 above.

Ian's Favorite Offical TiP song is "It's the End of the World as we Know it"

Ian believes that "All Star" should not be played after "American Pie." It can be played before, though.

Ian says he is a Lawful Evil. Some of his actions are Chaotic Good, however.

During his first year, Ian was the alter Ego of "Super TiPSter," who was "totally not Super RC's Sidekick."

Ian wears his lanyard Diagonally.

Ian Identifies as an Anti-Aircraft Missile.

Ian does not like having pictures taken of him without his permission. He does give permission for more official sources to take photos.

Ian can not pick up balloons.

Ian is Tone-Deaf. He has an excellent sense of rhythm.

Ian's favorite Song in general is "Fireflies"

Ian believes that Harambe is a "Dead gorilla, Dead meme"

Ian does not know his IQ.

Ian is fully comfortable with all of the stuff stated here.