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  • As of Summer 2021, the TIPWiki has entered archive mode. Thanks for a great 15 years of fun. It may return as a wiki should TIP Summer Studies programs resume in the future. In the mean time, please feel to reach out with any questions or concerns. Warm regards, Anthony.
  • If you will be heading back to TiP this year, please spread the word about the TIPwiki and encourage your friends to come by and contribute. I would love to hear from all of you with your ideas for the future of the wiki and any comments/suggestions. If any of you are interested in getting more actively involved in the wiki, I would love to hear that too! --Anthony
  • TIPsters: Please follow the rule of If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I encourage you to share your best memories and moments of TIP, but please do so with kind regard towards your other tipsters, staff and students alike. If you object to some content on this site, please email contact Anthony for assistance.
  • Alumni: Is your lore still alive? Is the history of today's traditions rendered accurately? Please share your thoughts and memories. And, of course, consider donating if you can to help keep the magic of TIP accessible to everyone.
  • We don't really have too much content yet, so ... add some! To add content, simply go to a page that doesn't yet exist, and click the "edit" button. Don't be afraid to edit anything and everything in a way you think will be constructive. So far, our members have created over 1,500 articles! This is a wiki; it belongs to all TiPsters. Edit pages, edit talk pages, edit the main page! Don't be afraid to express yourself on here! To see what's been going on, check the Recent Changes link or talk/discussion pages. Thanks again for coming!
Officially Awesome

Talent Show - It's the time at the end of TIP where pretty much everyone gets up on stage and does something. (Read more)

The featured article is an article on TIPWiki which shows a high level of quality, which is chosen to display what users should strive for when editing.

Recently Featured: Davidson

The current Collaboration is RelationTIP.

The Collaboration is an article on TIPWiki which is chosen to be community 'target' for editing. The end goal is to produce a spotlight-worthy article for TIPsters. Collaboration articles are chosen for having high potential as an article, but poor execution. Note that editors are free to work with others on any article they wish, the collaboration is simply a suggested article. If you have suggestions for a collaboration, tell Krazymouse on his talkpage

Easy ways to contribute to a collaboration:

  • Add a photo
  • Fix spelling and grammatical errors (Come on, we're TIPsters. What spelling/grammatical errors?)
  • Add Content
  • Improve the article's section breaks
  • Categorize the page

The previous Collaboration was Talent Show.

Where to start

Campuses: A good place to start, as a lot of information is accessible from the campus pages.

List of RCs: Lists every RC by campus and year.

All Pages: Lists every article in the Wiki.

Categories: A list of all page categories.

TODO: A list of tasks that need to be done.

Wiki Policy/Guidelines: Help us create the policies that guide this wiki.

Sandbox: Try out editing and have fun in the sandbox.

Communications: Mailing lists, message boards, web sites, etc. for TIPsters.

Photo Links: Links to photo sites run by TIPsters.

Points of Wiki Interest

Standards: Please keep the TIP Wiki's standards and proposed policies in mind while editing!

Editing Help: Can be found here.