Nikki Rogers

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{{Person1 |name= Nikki Rogers |residence= Moultrie, Georgia |Partner in crime= Elena Broughton |fields-of-interest= stalking unsuspecting tipsters,drinking bottles of rosey,turning up,laughing |relationtips= suspected to have had a crush on good friends Noah Rainbow-Douglas and Trae Higginbotham(this is not true and Nikki fully denies it!) |other= Had the most amazing RC her fourth year! Casey Brand

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 2nd UGA I Pharmacolgy Myers Hall Lydia Yvette
2013 4th UGA II Cryptography Myers Hall Casey Brand Kathryn Hood

Some Information

Nikki is a second year fourth year who spent her first year at UGA Term 1 2011 and her second year at UGA term 2 2013. Her class as a second year was Pharmacology (Big Pharma. She was in Lydia's RC group. Her fourth year class was Cryptography where she bonded with all her Cryptomaniacs over snack breaks and Hagan. Nikki has a southern accent she would deny and mispronounce words frequently, and deny that as well.


Nikki was usually found "turning up" with Emma Wagoner,Alex White, and Elena Broughton so the four girls created a group called Team TTU which stands for Team Too Turnt Up. The girls would "turn up" everywhere by twerking in musuems and doing various other dances. When Nikki wasnt turning up in class she was usually laughing way too hard at *Jennifer Merriman's crazy antics.

RC Group

Her RC group was popularly known as Calek's CrewThe eleven AMAZING, PERFECT girls would very quickly bond and become her sisters.

Elena Broughton

Nikki could always be spotted with a first year fourth year named Elena. Nikki and Elena were inseperable from the first day. They could be found singing Wale at the top of their lungs, eating a multitude of hot wings, dropping that "thun thun thun" and messing with/harassing Trae Higginbotham.

TIP dances

At the Tip dances, Nikki would often hit crunk overload with Jennifer Merriman,Duckie Griebno,Liam Kerchner,Elena Broughton,Andrea Gardner,Alex White, and Hagan.

Michael "Big Mike" Wilson

Nikki had a slight obsession with Michael Wilson, a third year in Steven B.'s group. No one really knew this except Elena. Nikki would often fight the urge to hug him and she would always talk about how undeniably cute he was.