Robert Epstein

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Robert Epstein
Robert on the roof after hanging Jaylen Mans' lanyard.
Name Robert Epstein
Residence Texas
Nickname(s) Rob, Robogenisis
Attributes funny, friendly, easy-going, mischievous, nice
Fields of Interest art, getting a TIPwiki page
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Campus Term Year Class RAG Roommate
Trinity (well.... kinda) 1 2010 Math something or other Deven Lahoti
Duke West 1 2011 Abnormal Psych Matt Love Ryann Khalil
Duke West 1 2012 Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics Captain Kyle Ryann Khalil
Duke West 1 2013 Neuroscience Kyle's Daniel Palladino

Robert has been begging for a page on the Duke West Term 1 2013 page for a fairly long thing. Apparently, it's been a thing since his second year, and has now become one of his "goals", but we all know it's a slight obsession. Anyway, here ya go, Robert. Also, please forgive me for the lack of information/incorrect information.

Things About Robert

  • He's an amazing artist and funny, so playing telephone pictionary with him was fabulously entertaining
  • Can do a front tuck like thing
  • Went down the red carpet with Jaylen Mans
  • Along with Jaylen Mans, started and spread the "Lemme Smang It" obsession throughout the camp, which eventually lead to the creation of and ordering of Smang It t-shirts by he and Daniel Palladino as their unofficial RC group shirts. Their RC, Kyle, even helped them order the shirts.
  • Also started and spread the "turtles having sex" craze/inside joke to the rest of the camp along with Jaylen Mans.
  • Somehow did something at Trinity to end up leaving after the first week - his roommate (not Deven, but someone in the room attached to theirs) went out on the balcony which was strictly prohibited, and Robert, being the good child he is, tried to stop his roommate. His roommate then tried to toss him over the edge of the balcony so Robert punched him in the face, getting them both sent home.
  • On the second to last day, he made a sunscreen flamethrower and ended up setting off the fire alarm around 8:20 a.m. Afterwards, multiple burn marks along the wall could be seen
  • According to the OSD, "sending him home early would have been inconvenient", and we're all really glad he didn't get sent home because he's a great guy to be around
  • On the last day when people were leaving, Jaylen Mans's last request to Robert was to take his lanyard and hang it somewhere where it could stay for a long time, so Robert took it on top off the roof (which he had wanted to do for a long time), climbed a pillar (which he could have fallen to his death), and hung it on a triangle like pillar (there is a picture to prove this).
  • On the second to last night, he and his roommate, Daniel Palladino, hosted an inter-gender sleepover in their room. They began smuggling in RAG members and at ~12:30am, and one by one they stowed the TiPsters in their closet, including Zac Lewis and Wil Hartter. After all the TiPsters had snuck into their room, an RC patrolling the hallway came to check on Robert and Dañye's room, but failed to notice the 8+ people in the closet. They hung out, ate all of Dañye's food and, jacked around until about 3:00am, at which point they all decided to sleep for one hour. They had planned to go to the roof together after the hour was up. However, Robert was the only one to wake up after the hour and was greeted with an "uuuggghhh noooo" from every sleeping dingus he tried to wake up. In the morning, at around 7:00, they began the process of sneaking the TiPsters back to their rooms, beginning with Ellie. By 8:00 every TiPster who'd spent the night in Robert and Daniel's room had successfully made it back to their own rooms. A year later, their RC, Kyle Dzwonkowski claimed to have been aware of the sleepover the entire time, having listened to make sure nothing got "physical". Many remain skeptical of Kyle's claim.
  • Robert's mischievous escapades are rumored to have remained in the minds of both TiPsters and administrators even after his 4th year.
Robert and Jaylen walking down the red carpet during the Sadie Hawkins Dance.
Cross-dressing day, left to right: Jacob Thompson, Zac Lewis, Wil Hartter, and Robert.

Hope you enjoy having a page, sorry it's so incomplete.