Sam Need

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Sam Need
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Campus(es) East
Attended 2006
Dorm Pegram

Sam Need was a Duke East RC in 2006. He had a RAG of third year boys in 2nd floor Pegram both terms. He is an old friend of Alspaugh RC Sam Bagg. Sam was utterly amazing. No one should doubt the amazing power of Sam Need.

During term I, Sam's RAG and Xiao's RAG were friendly rivals, each residing on 2nd floor Pegram, and competed in the 1st annual hall olympics. Sam's RAG won. During Term II, the same friendly rivalry was present. Xiao's RAG won the RAG olympics 2-0 (there were 3 ties in the other events).

Also during Term II, Sam's RAG won "Day of Honor" at the Tresure Hunt. On the third wednesday, every member of the RAG had a Burger King "crown" and a cape (usually towel or bedsheet). During evening activities, Sam's RAG paraded the quads in glory.

His rag also had some of the most amazing athletes in TIP that were promptly decmiated in the term II raglympics ultimate game.

In 2009, Sam was the TA for Stones and Bones on West.

Sam returned to West to TA Stones and Bones again in 2010. He was known by his students for his perpetual wearing of "Jesus sandals" and his enthusiasm about the class (and death). There are several illustrations of him doing one silly thing or another. These include posing as a superhero with the instructor and explaining his "mad death cycle" to the class.

He returned to TIP West, but this time to instruct Stones & Bones Term II 2011. With a return of the previously mentioned "Jesus Sandals" and a serious chaco tan. Furthermore, he explained natural selection with an illustration of a Kevin being out competed by pack wolves who eat humans, explaining a Kevin's complete incapability to survive while incorporating dark humor: "Let's continue to be really morose about this." He also made it clear that every event had roots tracing back to a vegetation raft and that the species Homo floriensis is much easier to be referred to as the Hobbits. Sam is very good at charades and is known for his general awesomeness in speech and actions, basically everything he does.