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Oh where to begin! Let's start with the AH-MAZING people. First there is our wonderful teacher Amy. She had to endure a very um.... rambunctious class. Whether it was teaching us public forum or ballooning, she was alway there to help us succeed. No matter what she wants to believe, she does have a heart. Now let us not forget our awesomesauce teaching assistant, Emily. She was subjected to El presidente Ragan's janitor metaphors and some awkward comments during "I couldn't disagree more". In fact, Ragan and Michael were banned from sitting next to her. Yet she was always helpful and a vaulable resource. To Ragan's point, she really is important. Especially because she showed us Youtube videos instead of teaching us. In class we were always a bit disturbed by Jin's stories, yet also a bit intrigued. You could always count on Michael(mayokid) to crush you into the ground during a debate ( even if he lost his notes) or to creep you out with his "creative" faces. was quiet, too quiet, but wise. Mitch was one of the masterminds behind the tiplitical party, "the pride". was probably the most mature out of all of us. was very colorful literally, he had a thing going on with neon. You could always count onConrad for a laugh or sarcastic comment. Wait, wasn't sarcasm reserved for Amy and Emily? Oh well, broke that rule. Preston was alway there to make you feel good about yourself. Plus he played the overly concerned father role perfectly in the town hall meeting. gives Naomi some major competition for president and is an intimidating debater. Not only is he a boss but he is super humble! Jonathan (AKA: vader/ big daddy) has the most interesting and distracting watch. You NEVER want to get Heidi angry. (When she isn't angry, she's actually very sweet.) was entertaining, extremely entertaining.Joseph was probably the most mature guy in the class (AS IF!) Helena was always super nice and thoughtful. Too bad we couldn't hear more of her thanks to a missing voice. Rachel knows what her opinion is and is not afraid to share it. She was subjected to a lot of "Anne of Green Gables" comments, especially from Jack S. introduced the class into the culture of bronies. Naomi was always super competitive and knew what she wanted. She also had a um... complicated relationship. All these people were totally awesome! It's no wonder why our nicknames were superheroes( or sidekicks and villains but that's ok!). For a full list see: Debate heroes!


A game introduced in the first week of class which we fell in love with. Each person is a fictional/historical character and a hypothetical situation is given to the group. For example, you are in a hot air balloon and it is losing air, there is only enough to get one of you down safely. Each person has a turn defending why they should stay. Then there is a cross examination where you can challenge Someones argument with a question. After this there is a rebuttal period where you either make your argument stronger or answer any question. Then you vote for who gets thrown off.

Characters included:

  • Hitler
  • Stalin
  • Batman
  • Mr. T
  • Mister Rogers
  • Daffy Duck
  • Legolas
  • Jeremy Lin
  • Harriet Tubman
  • the pink unicorn from Charlie the Unicorn
  • Gollum (actually, there was more Smeagle than Gollum)
  • Luigi
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Dr. Watson
  • Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia
  • Morpheus from The Matrix
  • Bill Gates
  • Kevin Durant
  • Gandalf
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Katniss
  • Steve Jobs
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Kim Jong Il

The Presidential Campaign

During the second week there was a campaign for TIP President. The candidates were:

and Camila won, and he subsequently made a speech at the last dance during which he introduced a new activity/form of dancing at New College of Florida known as the Ragan Dance Party.

the Moderator Scandal

Move over Watergate! Preston and Jonathan were just the moderators and made sure that election week ran smoothly. Or at least that what the class thought. The ORIGINAL candidates were freaking out the day before the election. That day at lunch they had to give their speeches. Once all the great speeches were given, Amy had a secret announcement. To the candidates dismay, there was more competition. The " moderators"vactually were working on a campaign by themselves. Thanks to Joseph, one of the VP candidates, this is known at the Moderator Scandal.

The Colors

Preston had already designed the class t-shirt pattern, and it was time to decide on the color. This turned out to be a rather lengthy process as the colors the vote was narrowed down to were:

  • Hot Pink
  • "Tiffany Blue" (Like Tiffany's)
  • Crimson/Blood/Communist Red
  • Neon Yellow ()
  • Fascist Tan


  • "Mitch, please."
  • "And then the white man came" This quote was often included as a twist in Cooper's Story Cubes, which were supposed to be about a real-life experience, but none of us quite believed that had been alive when "his people" had been driven out of their "native lands" by the notorious "white man."
  • my acorn is missing
  • "Trick question: the bread is poisoned." -- Dwight Shrute
  • " You are important, like a janitor"--
  • " Took a slow nosedive"-- Jonathan