The Best RAG Rule

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The Best RAG Rule is very simple. It states, "No one should ever claim that any RAG is the best RAG ever." There have been far too many RAGs in TIP history to say that any one RAG is better than any other. Although there have been many epic RAGs, no one RAG shall ever be distinguished as "the best ever," unless one of the following conditions is met.

The best RAG ever be may named occur when a RAG does one of the following things:

  • Everyone in the RAG gets sent home early
  • More than half of the RAG members begets a TIP baby
  • The RC leading the RAG quits by the end of the first week because he/she can't handle the RAG's shenanigans
  • The RAG manages to remove Benjamin Duke statue from East Campus
  • The RAG does something so epic that Peter Sloan and Will Harris BOTH say the words, "That is the greatest RAG ever."