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a tip essay


eya. let's do this.

it's a fact.

if you've been to tip and don't know about tipwiki, you're living under a rock.

it's true. whether you encountered the wiki on your own or got told by the counselors at the very end of camp at davidson, you haven't not seen tipwiki (you're here right now, are you not? huh?). and, if you're like me, you've looked at the list of all the pages on this entire wiki and happened to discover this garbage as well as some very high-quality articles which i enjoy greatly. if you are not a robot and you are adding info to tipwiki, then guess what? you are cool. thank you. that's a good thing to do, and you are keeping tip alive and relieving your tippression. no matter how dumb your edit might be or how small it might be, it's something. you're exercising your first amendment right, and that's cool. but then there's also , pages which the counselors have never looked at and only tipsters could possibly comprehend, and this, but not actually funny. these are inevitable, and you honestly have to learn to love them. in fact, i have no idea why i titled this page "use tipwiki for good," because i don't care about what is good and what isn't. this is actually just going to be an essay about tipwiki, not about what is good and what isn't!

the essay is below; have fun, i guess.

the essay

when i first got on tipwiki

it begins here. it was the final week davidson term 1 2018 (god, i've grown as a person since then.). the final moments of tip drew nearer and nearer. everybody was dying to know, how are we gonna communicate and chronicle our weird bs after tip ends? thinking about this question near the term's end usually corresponds to intense crying at randomized intervals. however, the counselors introduced us to this wonderful place: the tipwiki. this was a sign that the counselors knew about the various, er, articles on this site, and thus also the places where we were secretly attempting to fornicate in cared about us and understood that we need a repository for our gravely important, definitely tip-related information.

i remember that my earliest edits primarily concerned the important debacle known as the talent show and the less important debacle known as myself myself. that's typical, of course. later on, i ended up writing a letter to the next term at davidson, which they saw. i also remember that someone had put "term 2 will never live up to us" on the page. i have no comment.

when i first got on tipwiki, it was basically just a slightly more matured version of the terrible wikipedia account i made back in 2015. i (unintentionally) vandalized pages with that old wikipedia account, and i got permanently banned; hee hee. actually, that is not a great comparison in any way. i added to tipwiki constructively with my previous account on this site; i just wrote about myself.