Pink Stilletoes

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They're size six. Actually, they're size seven and a half. Additionally, they're getting..soggy.

At Davidson Term II 2005, several pairs were, at times, taken/borrowed from Steph (yes...the infamous Timmy's younger sister) to either stab or threaten Benny or any other 4th floor Belk boys.

The Hot Pink Stilettos

At Duke East term 1, a pair of hot pink stilettos have been passed down as a tradition for the past eight years. The owner of the stilettos is said to be the 3rd year girl with the most TIP spirit. She is in charge of 4th girls tipsync and writing doctor doctor. The stilettos are known as the Term 1 Llama, and thus the owners may be called Llama Mamas.

Owners of the Stilettos, aka Llama Mamas

Note: Brooke Burrows did not return to TIP in 2009, so the stilettos were presented by Arianne Kaldeway.

The Sahare-Jordan Exchange

The 2009 presentation of the stilettos was highly controversial, as many fourth years, namely the Bosses, believed that was the obvious pick. However, Arianne selected Sahare Wizirali. In May, it was discovered that Sahare would not be returning for her fourth year. Boss John Vaughan saw a Facebook status written by Sahare and made a plan for Jordan to receive the shoes. Fortunately, Jordan and Sahare both live in Dallas. Throughout the month of May, John and Sahare collaborated to find a proper way to pass the tradition. To make sure that a tradition passing outside of TIP was acceptable, John talked to Peter Sloan via Twitter. Many of the Muffins knew about the event, but the secret was kept from Jordan to ensure a full surprise. It was decided that Jordan would receive the shoes from Sahare, on Jordan's birthday (May 30).

On the magic day, Sahare embarked on her journey to Jordan's house. John talked to Jordan on the phone, trying to keep her from leaving her house before Sahare arrived. However, Jordan's parents insisted on leaving for her birthday dinner. Making a quick change, Sahare drove to the restaurant. Sahare found Jordan and the shoes were passed. Upon Twitter announcements from Jordan (daisy11424) and John (johnvaughan1), Duke East Tipsters celebrated the nomination of the rightful holder.

Jordan passed down the stilettos on the final night of Term I of 2010.

(star means that they did not return, so the relic was passed to someone else instead)

Year Wearer
2008 Blake Montgomery
2009 Brooke Burrows
2010 *Sahare Wazirali/Jordan Rudner
2011 Madeleine Hill
2012 Danielle Williamson
2013 Dani Echeverri
2014 Lauren Baron
2015 Maisie Melton
2016 Alie Akins
2017 Miranda Hynes
2018 Sandy Baker
2019 *Trinity Thompson/YaYa Kagiliery
2020 Ava Roark