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ADF (American Dance Festival) is another camp housed on Duke East during both Term I and Term II each year. It is also widespread on West campus. TIPsters (especially female TIPsters, who don't like all the guys staring at the ADFers) and ADFers are mortal enemies, and it is not unheard of to hear of minor scuffles between the two. To date, there have been no confirmed TIP-ADF babies, but speculation runs rampant.

Recently, there has been some emerging toleration. Some TIPsters have attempted to make contact with ADFers. The typical greeting is: "STOP!...Hammer Time!". No doubt, this has earned a great deal of goodwill from the ADFers. The former hate for ADFers seems to have been replaced with absolute loathing of Young Writers and Great [Master] Debaters.

ADFers will occasionally also attempt friendly contact with TIPsters, usually during dances. It's not uncommon for ADFers to come out of their dorms and dance next to TIPsters on the circle quad in front of their dorm. Indeed, during East Term II 2004, a group of rogue ADFers gave an impromptu performance of "Thriller" during the 1st dance before being chased back into their dorm.

Interesting fact: Madonna was once an ADFer on East campus in 1978. She took dance lessons in the Union, among other places. See stop #8 at the East Campus tour site.

A favorite pasttime of ADFers also happens to be sitting on the steps of Union, laughing and making fun of TiPsters on Wear a Skirt Wednesday. They are often seen lounging on the steps of Lilly Library, using their cell phones.

The Diet

ADFers have strange dietary habits. During Term II 2013, a TIPster observed an ADFer push out the inside of a 3" diameter cookie, eat it, and toss the edges. A recurring joke is that ADFers do not eat. The "ADF Diet", created by TiPsters, consists of water and black pepper.

Various Encounters

Logan Wall: During Term II 2002, ADF Friday was organized by TIPsters, at which time, they would dress and act like ADFers for a day. Despite the success of this day, the next year TIP staff banned it for purely political reasons, it was concluded. However, a number of TIPsters took to dressing as ADFers during the dance the Saturday after ADF Friday would have occurred.

Also during Term II 2003, the West Campus Library (the main branch of the Duke Library system) had an exibit on ADF, offending the Writing With Power (WPOW) students.

Edit By Alexis:Actually during East Term II 2005, AC/DC, Thomas and I held a conversation with two ADFers, seeing as I am also a dancer. They were telling us about the blind boy in the program, and ADFer sex, but then promptly left because AC/DC (Tyler Fitch) said his younger brother was blind. This turned out to be false.

Edit By Devin:This happened to myself, Charliegirl and 2nd-year-Kyle east term2 '06. ADFers were checking Kyle out so we talked to them and found out that a few of the live in atlanta and had taken dance classes from my father(who is a jazz dance teacher). It was a pretty sketch conversation because the entire time they were starting at Kyle like they were about to jump him. Thus illustrating how ADFers only want TiPsters for our bodies.

Additionally during East Term II 2005, it is said that a group of ADFers (the number is not specified) approached TIPsters Chris Bassil and Colin Whelehan, saying "Hey TIPsters, where's your Frisbees" [sic].

During East I 2006, the ADFers were unceremoniously thrown from Circle Quad during one of the TIP dances. Sam the OSC was reportedly seen striding onto the quad and having the ADFers evicted from the premises.

During the third dance of East I 2006, a single ADFer was seen glowstringing on the circle quad, with glowsticks courtesy of IDT. A TIPster had invited that ADFer to perform at the final dance, and the staff never noticed the ADFer.

In the first few days of East II 2006, Mitchell Haverty, Esq. declared that war was to be declared against the rival ADF faction in his Utopian Dreams class. It is not yet known what has come of this statement.

During Mandatory Fun East I some ADFers invited some Tipsters to join their Capoeira circle and clap as they spun around in the traditional brazilian, slave, war dance. It was way more fun than madatory fun.

During Carnival day of East I 2007 some ADFers invited a group of kids into a dance-off. Max Kohrman and Leah Taub danced with them. The ADFers, unfortunately, won.

During the second and last dance of East I 2008, several ADFers were seen on the circle quad, even after repeated attempts by staff to make them leave.

During East Term II 2008, in Mandatory Fun, Learn The Electric Slide, as the TIPsters were completing the activity and doing the various slides they'd learned, a flood of ADFers came out of Baldwin; the activity was being held on the stretch of pavement in front of the auditorium. Several ADFers joined in, standing in the lines and attempting to fall into step while still being dancers. The other activities were released, and many TIPsters came to the ADF/TIP mix of Electric Sliders. After only a few minutes, the ADF counselors yelled at them to stop interacting with the TIPsters and get to their dorms. Many of the dancers complained out loud about there being nothing wrong with The Electric Slide. There will soon be a video of this epic event on the activities page of Emily Fry and Nicki Lemay's website:

During Term 1 2012, a group of ADFers danced just outside the tip boundaries during one of the dances. Peace and happiness ensued, until RC's got suspicious and removed them.

During East II 2013, many TIPsters were sitting on the Wilson bench and along the road to watch the staff/students frisbee game. However, the ADFers allegedly complained about "heckling" that was going on, and the TIPsters were forced to relocate.

During East II 2014, on ADF Friday, some ADFers pointed at llama mama Mia and said "She's the only one I have respect for. She LOOKS like a dancer." to which Sarah Baugh replied "It's okay, I don't have respect for any of you either!" which prompted a shouting match which ended with, from an unknown TiPster, the phrase "Screw you, I'm literate."