Isabel Herrick

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Isabel Herrick
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2011 - 2015
Course(s) Introduction To Laboratory Sciences, Game Theory, Utopia Dystopia Mytopia: Philosophical Perspectives on the Technological Age, Information Security
RAG(s) Aine's Dinosaurs, Brianna's Polite Society, Sloan, Ashawnee
Roommate(s) Amanda McDougal, Alexis Harris, Maya, Zoe
Social Media


Did one vermonster with five other people (Cat, Eren, Kit Kat, and Taylor) in 8 and a half minutes, then a week later did another with four other people (Yen, Niles, Cat, and Maddie) in 3 minutes 18 seconds. She then did a vermonster in about 10 minutes with only one other person: Cat. The suffering was eternal and her legacy is that it was a stupid idea and that no one should ever try to do it again. She did it in attempts to beat Will and Kent's two person record of 7 minutes, 24 seconds.