Leah's RAG

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's RAG was BY FAR the coolest RAG at , simply because was the coolest/hottest RC. If you said the name "" on second floor Pegram, every guy within hearing distance would turn around and ask "where?" Her RAG was just awesome by definition. Who cares if they didn't have muffin names? This beautiful example of coolness consisted of Allie (Criminal Minds), Teresa(), Emily (), Laura (Criminal Trial Advocacy), Kendall (Spy 101), Dani (Criminal Minds), Frances (), Grace(Philosophy), Emma (Revolution and Terror), and Fiona (Symbols and Structure). They totally kicked ass.

During Term 2, Leah was on the third floor of Pegram, with another beautiful RAG. This one consisted of Ray (Avatar), Kate (PoePop), Christine (PPL), Tae (WPOW), Shelby (Screenwriting), Caroline (Symbols & Structure), Hillary (Mind and Manipulation), Hiromi (PPL), Nicki (Madness and the Mind), and Emily (CTA). This RAG was known for skipping down the wing Aaron's RAG lived on whilst singing/acting out a Girl Scout song that taught young girls to never trust guys.

Quote from Leah, "My Term 2 girls are definently more boy crazy... And Luke Crazy!."