Main Quad (West)

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The Main Quad of Duke West is the large grassy area outside, in front of several used dorms (Houses 0~P). There are several trees, complete with squirrel inhabitants, sidewalks and nightly fireflies. It is near Kilgo and on the way from rooms to the Great Hall, Bryan Center and bus stop. Ultimate Frisbee is played here, along with the Tournament. Activity sports (football, soccer) may also occupy this area. Quadfest occurs in this Quad every term. Lacrosse/other campers will also use this area; many passerby and visitors to Duke can be seen walking around here.


Term 1 2009

(info coming sometime! feel free to add)

  • For the first week and maybe a day or two, TIPsters were to congregate here after meals. This lead to the claiming and naming of several trees by Courses: Mental Illness adopted and named one Freud (which subsequently became symbolic for the class and their termbook, etc.). Normal things went on, including frisbees, people falling on each other during frisbee, cards, side-hugs and general talking/bustling. However, due to the sheer awesomeness size and sound that these TIPsters possessed, they redirected us to the other quad (N Quad).

Term 1 2010

This quad was used by the female (and sadly some male) Tipsters to spy on the Lacrosse Camp in the other quad. Occasionally it was also used to spy on basketball camp... but mostly just Lacrosse.