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Panda Express is a chain restaurant selling Chinese food known for its delectable Orange Chicken. One store is connected to the Bryan Center in West Campus, operating at Monday-Sunday:11am-10pm. However, around free time (4-5pm), the location may not be available until dinner times. The most popular entree by far is Orange Chicken, which was known to, on occasion, run out before every TIPster could order. Respected Term II 2009 4th year Storm W. stated, "Orange Chicken is the best. Everything else is just for show." The most popular side item is fried rice, but steamed rice is also an acceptable option. Buying one small entree costs $2.90. A "Panda Bowl" consisting of one entree and a side costs $4.75. A two-entree one-side plate costs $5.75, while a three-entree one-side plate costs $7.00 and is by far the most economical option. Drinks are also available in three different sizes with free refills. The more common choice is to get the small-size cup, but some TIPsters reported witnessing having purchased the large-size cup.

Term II 2009

In preparation for the last night of Term II 2009, 4th year Charlie pooled $6 from 20 fourth year guys. With the help of Zulu Force member Alex H., he befriended manager Joseph Wong and purchased a meal for 24 people. It consisted of two trays of Orange Chicken, one tray of Beijing Beef, two trays of fried rice and one tray of steamed rice. The meal was picked up at 4:40 that Friday with the help of R-Candy and was stored in the unused K Commons oven under the surveillance of Charlie's roommate Storm until the fourth years returned from Honey's. It should be noted that this method kept the chicken incredibly hot until midnight. The food was enjoyed by nearly everyone in O Commons that night.


Being one of the two restaurants attached to the Bryan Center, it serves "human food" along with McDonald's. Their rivalry is very limited, though. serves Asian cuisine as well, although due to the camp's schedule, causes meals to be at disordinate hours.

Term II 2012

Admittedly JMG members Nick, Jason and Steven admit that there is a man who happens to work at Panda without a ring finger.

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