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Søren was a Tipster from Northern Texas who attended Trinity University's Mock Trial term one over the summer of 2015, Duke East's Criminal Trial Advocacy term one over the summer of 2016, Duke East's Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics term one over the summer of 2017, and Duke East's term one over the summer of 2018. He was also known as Peacock from Peacockatoo, and performed at both TiP sync 2017 and Talent Show 2017 under the guise of "22 sailors." He is very fond of elbows and joints (many say that he has a joint fetish, but he disagrees,) as well as small shirt logos (i.e. the RPL horse.) Some of his best accomplishments include:

  • Inventing Story Snakes
  • Having the kick-assiest hair (blonde/brown in 2015, purple/brown in 2016, and blue in 2017/2018)
  • Being the 2015 tradition holder of the Trinity Special
  • Being the honourable mention for the Duke East term one 2016 TiPsync competition, in which he performed the song "You'll Be Back" (Jonathan Groff, Hamilton)
  • Being the 2018 holder of the then-unofficial Haylee's Cow Mask and relics
  • Finding any and everyone's nipples


  • Being the moon scream coordinator and relic holder of 2018

Søren currently studies political Science and philosophy on a pre-law track at the University of Texas at Austin.

Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate Suitemates
2015 1st Trinity University I Prassel Queen's Queen Bees Carolyn Camille & Shri
2016 2nd Duke East I Criminal Trial Advocacy Bassett Chioma's RAG Helen N/A
2017 3rd Duke East I Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics Bassett Caroline's Crocs Hannah N/A
2018 4th Duke East I Bassett Wren Taylor N/A

It is a little-known fact that Søren's name is actually pronounced "Sir-en" or "Sur-en" (like, the "sur" in "surname") (they should be pronounced the same but accents might throw the first one off,) rather than "Sore-en" (as a result of the other, lesser-known fact that his name includes an "ø", but not an "o".)


I, Soren Creecy, of Zizek mind and diet-coked-up body, do hereby bequeath the following: PAUL-LOUIS – diet coke name tags and ALL of my heart; TAYLOR – Katya’s sexy Russian body, pure FISH, and rainbow rolls; BROOKE – my rainbow sweatband; HELEN – a better 2nd year RC and the lord’s prayer; SHEA – the communal dr pepper, campbell’s chunky soup (you slut!), and the ability to sit in a jean skirt; GREYSON – the spirit and body of P ca$hmoney D; BECKY AND DELANEY – a spot next to me in y’all’s closet and Chioma-less sleepovers; SANDY – twin doggies and an extra pack of stickers; CTA 2016 – detours and a well-earned victory; REV-t 2017 – LIBERTE! EGALITE! REV-TE!; SAMUEL – (sweat); HAYLEE PETERS – infinite love from a 2nd year who never forgot what it was like to be accepted; KIRI – a son’s unconditional love and a one-way ticket to Dallas (and girls); STELLA – my goal digger hat and the ability to rock any hair color; KATRINA – Noah’s sweatband; NOAH – the legacy of peacockatoo and a cult of fidget spinners; WILL – gentle elbow touches, a full body cast, and the ass eating of a lifetime; HENRY – collarbones, grind trains, ( I II II I_ ) ; LILY – a diet coke for the road and dogs when you need ‘em; LILY AND CAROLINE SHORE – the shared #1 spot on my “girls I’d like if I liked girls” list; MADI – triangular elevators; AUDREY – a new yellow art shirt; TATE – the entire galaxy; AMY – Haylee’s cow mask; EMMA – a spot on the first shuttle to Mars; SKIPPY – my USSR flag and the Russians; KENDALL – heterosexuality (and hugs); ANGEL – quarters and enough perlar beads to fill a swimming pool; RORY – RAWRy xD and a “concussed” roommate; ALEX – more paw patrol mac and cheese; BILLY – a purple oinker and the rights to my roommate; SADIE – retributionist theory; MICHELLE, ANI (x2), AND MICHAEL – justice; EDEN – vegan chicken wings, the mystery machine, and the partnership of Velma and Daphne; CLAIRE, HAILEY, AND HAILEY – president, vice-president, and scum respectively; JAXON – card houses and an open mind; TOSCA – redacted; GREGOR – a new generation of pet rocks, better than the last; TERIYAKI – 0 days without a fire; SKIPPY VII and Roberto: pool… and the sound of the que ball hitting the Bassett common room floor; TALLEY – luck for dealing with the term 2 kids; 5th AND 6th YEARS – the return of traditions dearly missed; 2nd AND 3rd YEARS – the hope that yours will be as good as ours; 4th year girls + Soren – an UNFORGETTABLE tipsync with an even more unforgettable win!!!; and finally, TiP – gratitude for the 12 weeks I was given to be truly, amazingly, apologetically myself.