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This article refers to the TIPwiki, a collaborative, internet based encyclopedia project about TIP. The main page can be found here.

The TIPwiki was established on 'July 6th, 2005 by "Timmy" Jason LaRue (Davidson II 2002, East II 2003-2005). He was already maintaining a small message board for the and Kinky Tom, but there was really very little in the way of a central repository of TIP information- especially about other campuses. So, in an arguably silly attempt to remedy this himself, he installed an out-of-the-box MediaWiki on his tinky little DSL line, and set to work.

It is now hosted by Anthony Chivetta and run by "Timmy" and Anthony

John Patrick is the oldest unedited page, and as of this time of writing, there are 3462 pages on the wiki.