WTM Slam Poem

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In 2012, the Words That Matter class at Duke East wrote this slam poem together and performed it at the talent show.


Getting on the airport-first day, first year
Airplane-induced deafness
Butterflies in my stomach
What will the people be like?
Will the food be good?


When you first walk in and see your roommate
Thinking "Carr Building" is a class
Seeing where everyone sat on the first day
Hearing everyone's names and immediately forgetting them
Talking to people like me for the first time
People laughing at your jokes for once
Realizing you're not the smartest anymore

TIP is not normal
TIP is not like my school (in a good way)
TIP is not for those who don't love learning with all their hearts

Should I go running in the morning?
The B. Duke statue in the sun
Waiting in line for laundry
Where does the detergent go?
Are you in line for the shower?
Getting locked out
Prank calling in the common room
Terrorist RCs yelling at me for brushing my teeth too late
Feeling sick after eating a Vermonster

Throwing Skittles down the stairs of Brown
Eating bagels on Ninth Street
Jello Snarfle
Stepping into a hidden grass puddle
All the boys in dresses
Who borrowed my skirts?
Where's my lanyard?
Dirty dorm room floors
Chocolate muffins
Bucket hats
The sound of guitars
Hall parties
Running from the police with a slingshot
Who knew nerds could be so hot?
RelationTIPs with their heads on each other's shoulders
Rain washing down my face at the dance
The last dance
American Pie

What makes us TIPsters?
What am I going to do when I'm gone?
When can I come back?
Why do we have to come here and make friends and then never see them again?

TIP is not a place to be a wallflower
TIP is not just a nerd camp
TIP is not always rational
TIP is not only for Democrats
TIP is not a nation... yet
TIP is not cheap
TIP is not long enough
TIP is not something I will regret
TIP is not something I will forget
TIP is not the end