Carolina Larracilla

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Carolina Larracilla
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Rollins, Duke East
Attended 2017-2020
Course(s) , The Business of Being a Writer, Where great minds and big money meet
RAG(s) Calandra, Dipali, Vanesa
Roommate(s) Trish Huynh, Kate Krizner, Madison Tucker
Social Media

Carolina Larracilla is one of the most wonderful people anyone will ever meet in their entire lives, given her infectious, upbeat personality, ability to make everyone smile, Big Mom Energy, and the fact she gives the best hugs and advice in the world. She is known mostly for her great love for chamomile tea, which she shares with whatever RAG she is in with no questions. Carolina can often be found wearing red in any capacity, whether it's her trademark heart sunglasses, clothing, or bright red lipstick. If you see bright red, chances are, you've found her. She is the holder of The Book of Dev for the 2020 term.



2018 was Carolina's first year at Duke East, and by far one of the most iconic. By the middle of the first week, she and her friends from her RAG, including Emma Peters, Anna Jones, and Amy Budzichowski, had formed an unbreakable bond due to their agreement to perform together at TIPSync while wearing goofy costumes. They did "I've Got a Dream" from Disney's Tangled, and it's safe to say that it was one of the most chaotic experiences of the entire term, though it served as a way for Carolina to meet some of her best friends. She was close with almost all the girls in her RAG, and many of them cried on her shoulder while she gave them tea in their nightly tea times, something she's continued since then. She took The Business of Being a Writer this term, and here she met many of her closest friends as well, including Kaylin Moore, who was "her everything." This year, she had a possibly unhealthy addiction to the horror game Granny, leading to her RAG superlative being "Drink tea. Play Granny. Repeat."


In 2019, Carolina returned to Duke East and took Where great minds and big money meet, a class she had often discussed wanting to collaborate with in 2018. She was in Vanesa's RAG, which had more chaotic energy than should've been necessary. This year, she found herself growing closer with Ava Roark, and they were often seen sitting in the hallway or over at the Pegram bench. She once again performed at TIPSync with the girls from her previous RAG, forming a group called "We Love You Dipali" that did "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" from Disney's Hercules, still wearing silly costumes. In class, she was named "most likely to have a tea party", and in her RAG, she was simply deemed "tea mom." Both of these are remarkably accurate. She brought back tea time this year, despite her RC's best attempts to prevent it. This year, she received The Book of Dev at the talent show, and on the last night, read The Cat in the Hat to her RAG before they went to sleep. It was beautiful.

Fun Facts

  • One night, close to lights out, she, Anna Jones, Elaina Bayard, and Sophie Knapp wrote a cursed poem in the vein of Dr. Seuss's "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," but about being stale and moldy.
  • She has written an Entire verse novel that makes everyone cry. Thank you for that.
  • Is a very proud Ravenclaw
  • Deserves better than every man on the face of the planet.


In 2018, they knew of each other, but didn’t become friends until 2019. They didn’t talk on move in day, but around the first day of class, they began to talk because Carolina complimented Ava’s necklaces. After that moment, they were practically inseparable. They bonded over their hopes and dreams for the term before them and their photoshoot at the Freedom Tunnel. Ava did Carolina’s hair for the first and second dance. She helped her make her toga for Toga Tuesday. Carolina made Ava chamomile tea every night, despite their RC telling her she was only allowed to make it for herself. She also made Ava green tea in the morning when Ava got sick. After the beginning of the second week they got all their evening activities together and even their Quadfest activity. Every night before Moonscream, they made Mac and Cheese or Ramen together in the kitchen. It was famously called “Mac and Cheese Time”. They also tried to eat dinner together at the high tables, despite their RC never wanting to let them. One memorable moment was the first Sunday. They spent that Sunday on Pegram bench, watching frisbee on the quad and talking about how good it was to be back home. On the second Saturday, they went Go Cart Racing at Wheels, and Carolina drove. They were described as “a mom and her minivan and her baby screaming out the window”. For their last Rag Night, they went to Whole Foods and Carolina drove Ava around in a cart until they were told to stop by a Whole Foods employee. Carolina borrowed Ava’s dress for the last dance. They watched the Talent Show together from the seats above, and by the end of the night, both ended up with two relics. That night, they had a successful sleepover in Carolina’s room with Liz, because Carolina didn’t have a roommate anymore. The three of them promised each other this wouldn’t be their last sleepover.


"My everything"

A Note from a Good Friend

Carolina is one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life. She's always been my shoulder to cry on, my hand to hold, and one of the people who knows the most about me in the entire world. She gives the best hugs in the entire world and always knows how to make things better. She has the best sense of humor, and always knows how to make people laugh when they're upset. Almost all of my favorite TiP memories, Carolina was there for, and she makes them so much better. I'll always remember the chaos we found ourselves creating our first year, and the "Mold Fish" poem. There are more, I'm certain of it. You've shaped my life in so many ways, Lina, and I'll always be beyond thankful that I got the chance to know you.